Leading the way, MAE Ambassadors

Hello, we are the 2018-19 MAE Ambassador team!

This is a really exciting time to be part of the MAE Ambassadors. In the past, the group was a dedicated team of great students who wanted to help and represent MAE at events, and host tours for those interested in our department. While those duties remain, this year we are revamping what it means to be an ambassador.

We’ve started out with a mission unique to our department, which will drive everything we do and remind us of our goals as MAE Ambassadors. As you can see on our webpage, to keep our promise of enriching the ambassador experience, we’ve created new requirements that will help ambassadors develop leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills that can be used throughout their life and in future careers. Also new this year are five committees. Each ambassador will sign up for a committee and dedicate a significant amount of their time to the assigned tasks. We hope this will help in allowing us to contribute to the group’s goals, while focusing on areas that are important to the growth and improvement of the department.

As we strive to create the foundation of this “new” ambassador team for this year and the years to come, we encourage our community to use us as a resource and reach out to us with feedback or questions at anytime.

Cheers to a successful 2018-19 school year!

– MAE Ambassadors