Message from the Department Head

To our Website Visitors:

I would like to welcome you to the NC State University’s Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department. The MAE department has a long history and tradition of educational and research excellence. From the website, you will realize the diversity of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as our externally funded research activities, admission requirements into our programs, details on our faculty and staff, and more.

Let me first introduce myself. I joined NC State in September 2017, coming from Virginia Tech where I held positions of Associate Vice President for Research Programs, Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Professor for Aerospace Propulsion Systems, and Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Center for Advanced System Diagnostics. Prior to moving to Virginia Tech, I was an Associate and Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University. I received my B.Tech. from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India, my MS from Arizona State University and PhD from Texas A&M University. Before embarking on my academic career, I spent 20 months working for Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis. I am now very excited to be part of the Wolfpack family.

These are exciting times to be a Mechanical or Aerospace Engineer. There is a significant demand for both professions as our engineers are solving problems in areas such as renewable energy, autonomous transportation, advanced manufacturing, in addition to traditional areas like automobile engineering, propulsion systems, etc. Our department will continue to grow in size as demand for our programs continues and new research challenges arise on the horizon. The NC State MAE program is unique in that both Mechanical and Aerospace Programs have been together since the inception of a separate AE program in the 1960s. Both the programs are experiencing high demand and are growing rapidly with current enrollment for 2017 incoming sophomores at over 425 students. This is the largest class for both ME and AE programs. The faculty teach a wide variety of fundamental ME and AE courses as well as a slate of excellent technical electives and graduate courses. The students get a breadth of fundamental knowledge and specialized topical background during their stay in the programs. Our undergraduate programs in both ME and AE were reviewed by ABET (the engineering accreditation board) this year and received full accreditation for the next 6 years.

Our students get to experience excellent education that provides them an opportunity to develop, innovate, and design everything from robots to autonomous cars, to satellites, to prosthetic arms, to manufacturing methods, and also to analyze and produce new novel engineering tools. The students are trained to think independently and also to work in teams enabling them to be successful in their future careers as engineers in the real world. As a department, the faculty are committed to the success of our students in all aspects of their educational experience.

We have a highly accomplished faculty that are well known in their areas of research. We have a strong emphasis on thermal sciences; energy systems; aerodynamics and fluid mechanics; propulsion and space exploration systems; dynamics, vibrations and controls; structural mechanics and materials; biomechanics; engineering design; and nanoscale systems. The faculty are involved in cross- and inter-disciplinary research with other engineering departments at NC State including the College of Sciences, and also with departments at UNC and Duke in the RTP area. Several of our recent faculty have received NSF CAREER awards and Young Investigator Awards from AFOSR in recent times. Our faculty’s research papers are very highly cited with one of our faculty, Dr. Kuznetsov, named as one of the most highly cited researchers by Thomson-Reuters. We have several faculty members who have authored or co-authored books in their areas. Please check on our website for constant updates on accomplishments of our faculty and students.

The MAE department faculty and staff are also committed to creating a very diverse and satisfying experience for our students and their families, employers of our students, our research partners, and our fabulous alumni. We hope that you will take this opportunity to accept our invitation to visit our EB 3 building on Centennial campus and learn about the various ongoing activities and our plans for the future. Please browse through our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions.

Srinath V. Ekkad
MAE Department Head