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NC State Logos and Brand Requirements

The NC State brand is more than a logo. Our brand is the sum of everything we do — from solution-driven education, research and scholarship to the work that supports and sustains our efforts in the classroom and the lab. It is important to follow NC State brand requirements when creating materials related to the department or university.

  • Contact the departmental NC State Brand Ambassador, Aslyn Rau, for questions or to have your media, posters, and/or promotional materials edited and approved.

    MAE Logos

    • NC State Logo w/ Department Label: Red | Black
    • Icon eps*: Mac | PC
    • Reversed icon eps*: Mac | PC

    *Graphic elements: Not to be grouped with NC State Logos, but dispersed throughout communications.

    MAE Student Machine Shop
    Tentative hours: T, W, Th 6-9 pm

    Purchases and Reimbursement


    Laser Cutter


    Visitor Parking



    Contracts and Grants


    • Biweekly Temporary Employment Package – see Tamera Baker in 3002, EB3
    • KABA Missed Punch

    Conflict of Interest

    Conference Room Reservations