MAE Wellness and Resources

Our Mission

The faculty, staff and students of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department value diversity and believe it is essential to achieving our scientific and academic mission. We define diversity as encompassing differences in age, cultural identity, language background, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, faith, neurological make-up (neurodiversity), geographic background, political and ideological perspectives, disability status, race, sexual orientation, social and economic status, and veteran status. We believe that an inclusive curriculum, diverse department community and welcoming climate are critical to academic excellence and the well-being of our community.

In support of our mission, we seek to:

1. Actively promote recruitment, retention and success of a diverse community of faculty, staff and students.
2. Promote inclusive curriculum, accessible education and equitable mentorship.
3. Promote enhanced engagement and community for groups underrepresented in STEM.
4. Foster respect for diversity and inclusion in our community, among our members and leaders.

The MAE department is committed to initiatives to support our DEI mission and provide a welcoming and engaged community for our students, faculty, and staff. The DEI Committee is made up of faculty, staff and students who plan our initiatives and programs. If you are interested in contributing or have comments or ideas to share, please contact (Jessica Sudduth –

What to do if you have a concern

There are many people in the department who you can feel comfortable coming to for guidance. Here are few places to start:
  • Undergraduate students: Your academic advisors are very familiar with university resources for academic and non-academic issues. Kindly reach out to Cheryl Tran or Felix Ewere for any assistance
    • Graduate students: The Graduate Program Director and Graduate Program Coordinator can help navigate academic and non-academic resources. Kindly reach out Summer Fulcher for any assistance
  • Responsible employees: A responsible employee is a faculty or staff member who has been trained regarding the university resources for Title IX sex discrimination or misconduct, and has the duty to report these incidents to the university. A list of the MAE faculty and staff who have this training can be found here: Google Document
  • GLBT advocates: The GLBT Advocate Program is a continuing education and engagement program for faculty and staff designed to provide participants with ongoing opportunities to learn and show their support as allies and advocates of the GLBT community. MAE faculty and staff who are part of this program are listed at the following link, or may be indicated by placards next to their door or in their workspace.
There are additional university resources that you can access directly as well: