MAE Honors Program

The MAE honors program recognizes the efforts made by students who extend their academic experience above and beyond the requirements of the standard curriculum. The honors program supports and encourages undergraduates in their academic abilities, and becoming involved in research. The honors program requires 9 credit hours. At least 3 of the credits must be Undergraduate Thesis work (MAE 496). The remaining hours may consist of additional thesis credits, graduate credits in MAE, or MAE honors courses. In order for an MAE course to be considered an honors course, it must be taken at the honors level. An honors level course typically consists of an extra project. To take a course at the honors level, a student needs simply to discuss the possibility with the instructor.

  • Total 9 Credits
  • Minimum 3 Credits MAE 496
  • Remaining Credits are Honors Courses or Grad Level Courses
  • Begin with and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher

Students in the BSME and BSAE programs who satisfy the GPA requirement may apply for the MAE honors program at any time by filling out the MAE Honors Plan of Work Form and sending it to their MAE academic advisor. For more information, Contact the Director of Undergraduate Advising at