Xu appointed editor-in-chief of npj Advanced Manufacturing

An MAE professor was recently appointed to the position of editor-in-chief for the one of the prestigious publications in the Nature Portfolio, which has a dedicated research-orientend readership of nine million.

Professor Cheryl Xu was selected to serve in this position specifically for npj Advanced Manufacturing, an online, open-access journal dedicated to progressing the field of advanced manufacturing. 

Xu is an expert with 20+ years of experience in multifunctional ceramic materials, high-temperature wireless sensing, and artificial intelligence (AI) for process modeling and real-time control and is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

She will be using this expertise in her editor role and assist the publication in the analysis and discussion of many important topics in the manufacturing field including:

  • Digital Twins for Manufacturing: Exploring the development, integration, and optimization of digital twin models in manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency, productivity and product quality.
  • Advanced Methods for Materials Engineering: Including the co-design of polymers, metals or alloys with production systems and their intended applications.
  • Materials Recycling and Circular Economy: Showcasing research on innovative recycling and remanufacturing techniques, reducing waste generation, and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Manufacturing for Biological and Medical Applications: Highlighting advancements in biofabrication, tissue engineering, 3D printing of medical devices, and personalized medicine.
  • Manufacturing for Space Exploration: Covering manufacturing technologies tailored for space applications, including additive manufacturing of rocket components and lightweight materials for spacecraft.
  • Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing: Investigating the integration of smart technologies, such as Internet of Things, mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence, to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce environmental impact.
  • Advances in Additive Manufacturing: Focusing on the latest developments in 3D printing techniques, materials, and applications across various sectors.
  • Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing: Exploring techniques, such as nanomanufacturing and flexible electronics manufacturing, and their potential impact on the industry.

“Our journal aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and inclusivity, encouraging submissions from researchers worldwide,” the npj Advanced manufacturing website states. “By providing a rigorous peer-review process and maintaining ethical research practices, npj Advanced Manufacturing seeks to establish an impactful platform for high-quality research, ultimately contributing to a sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced manufacturing industry.”