McMurray Fabrics, Inc. | Automative Design Position

McMurray Fabrics, Inc. in Aberdeen,NC is seeking a spring 2021 BSME graduate for an automotive design engineering position. Applicants must be able to excel in:

  • automotive part design and program management
  • conducting hands on competitive benchmarking
  • ability to conceptualize a design idea and convert to 3D data
  • be creative in developing product ideas
  • writing technical reports
  • having a hands on desire and awareness
  • ability to lay out a product plan schedule and lead the program
  • good understanding of manufacturing processes including assembly and component level like injection molding, stamping, extruding, machining,
  • ability to think logically and good problem solving mentality
  • we use Solid Works and Catia 3D software

Interested applicants may send a resume’ to Mrs. Cheryl Tran ( to be passed along to the company representative.