MAE team wins AIAA Student Conference

A 2020-2021 aerospace engineering senior design team from NC State has won first prize Tuesday under the team category at the 2022 AIAA Region II Student Conference at Georgia Tech. 

Ten team members designed, manufactured and built the Wandering Observer of Lunar Features (WOLF) Rover during their senior design course.  Of the original ten, Alina Creamer; Brigid Donohue; Bennett Meyer and Manuel E. Puyana prepared the presentation for conference. Bennett then travelled to the conference to present the team’s work and, eventually, accept the first place award.


While in their senior design course, the team competed against 2 other teams to design a “CubeRover” to support scientific experiments on the moon under NASA’s ARTEMIS Program. The WOLF Rover team won this section of their senior design course, and moved on to the AIAA Student Conference. 

Aerospace Engineering Senior Design at MAE is instructed by Dr. Felix Ewere, who says the WOLF Rover team is the epitome of of what students do in MAE senior design courses.

“The Aerospace Engineering capstone project courses provide students the opportunity to learn while they design and manufacture a semi-complex aerospace vehicle. This requires a systematic approach and can only be pursued by a multidisciplinary team,” Dr. Ewere said. 

“The WOLF Rover team is a standard example of the successes that AE seniors can achieve through this process. I am proud of their accomplishments but must also applaud the effort and creativity they put into making an innovative solution to the Cube Rover challenge that supports NASA’s Artemis program.”

Congratulations to the WOLF Rover team, you have our deepest gratitude for representing MAE with your incredible work. We can’t wait to see what you Think and Do next!

To read more about the WOLF Rover team’s hard work, check out the paper about their project that they presented at the conference.