Dr. Hsiao-Ying Shadow Huang Selected as Outstanding Teacher of the Year

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2019-20 Outstanding Teaching Award—Dr. Hsiao-Ying Shadow Huang 

Dr. Huang has diverse training in applied mechanics and computational simulation of various material systems. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Huang teaches Solid Mechanics and Strength of Mechanical Components, and at the graduate level, Dr. Huang teaches Advanced Solid Mechanics.

“Students engage in learning for both their personal development as well as to lead and work together as teams. I strive to offer an environment that balances individual and team-based learning, promoting effective communication, planning and coordination, and mutual respect for diversity,” Huang said.

“To promote student discussion and an active-learning environment, I enjoy developing and implementing interactive, technology-based learning methods. I incorporate in-class activities to encourage students’ engagement, and by way of their responses, I gain instant feedback that helps me to assess their comprehension of problem sets and to fine-tune my instruction materials and delivery.”

The award recognizes excellence in teaching at all levels. Faculty must receive the Outstanding Teacher Award in order to be eligible for the Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award.

Recipients of the Outstanding Teacher Award become members of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers for as long as they remain NC State faculty.