Veeraraghava Raju Hasti

Assistant Research Professor

  • Phone: (919) 513-3233
  • Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 3318

Dr. Hasti’s interdisciplinary research at the intersection of engineering, computer science, and economics is focused on the development of transformational digital tools and technologies using physics-based and data-driven approaches. These tools are intended to enable low-emission, connected, resilient, reliable, safe, affordable, and smart systems for a sustainable future. Dr. Hasti received MS and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, USA in 2016 and 2019 respectively, and a mini-MBA from Purdue in 2018.  Prior to joining NCSU, he was a Research Assistant Professor at Purdue University. Hasti is serving as Vice Chair of the Gas Turbine Engines Technical Committee of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He is an associate editor of the journal Frontiers in Aerospace Engineering and an associate fellow of the AIAA. Dr. Hasti served as Principal Investigator / Co-Principal Investigator for projects with sponsorship from DOE, NASA, NSF, and several industries.

Dr. Hasti teaches Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Applications to both undergraduate and graduate students at NC State. He follows an integrated approach from fundamentals to practical applications with an interdisciplinary mindset and engagement on real-world challenges and provides active and experiential learning to students.

Outside of work, Dr. Hasti enjoys spending time with his family and friends, visiting natural attractions, trekking, swimming, playing badminton, chess, and listening to music.

Research Interests:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Scientific Machine Learning
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence for Automated Knowledge Discovery, Decision-Making, Real-Time Health Monitoring and Prognostics, and Digital Twins
  • Immersive Visualization and Simulation, Extended Reality.
  • Quantum Computing
  • Reduced-Order Modeling
  • Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and High-Performance Computing
  • Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Hypersonics, Turbulence, Combustion, Emissions, Sprays, and Multiphase flow
  • Low Emission Propulsion Systems and Space Planes
  • Energy Systems Modeling, Multi-Criteria Analysis, and Optimization
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Innovative Teaching Methods in Engineering Education


Selected Publications:

  1. Veeraraghava Raju Hasti and Dongyun Shin, “Denoising and fuel spray droplet detection from light-scattered images using deep learning”, Energy and AI, Volume 7, January 2022, 100130.
  2. Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, Abhishek Navarkar, and Jay P. Gore, “A data-driven approach using machine learning for early detection of the lean blowout”, Energy and AI, 2021, 100099.
  3. Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, Prithwish Kundu, Sibendu Som, Sang Hee Won, Frederick L. Dryer, and Jay P. Gore, “Computation of Conventional and Alternative Jet Fuel Sensitivity to Lean Blowout”, Journal of the Energy Institute, December 2021,
  4. Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, Prithwish Kundu, Sibendu Som, and Jay P. Gore, “Numerical Simulations and Analysis of the Turbulent Flow Field in a Practical Gas Turbine Engine Combustor”, Proc IMechE Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 2021, pp 1-11.
  5. Veeraraghava Raju Hasti, Robert P. Lucht, and Jay P. Gore, “Large eddy simulation of hydrogen piloted CH4 / air premixed combustion with CO2 dilution”, Journal of the Energy Institute, Volume 93, Issue 3, June 2020, Pages 1099-1109
Veeraraghava Raju Hasti