Matthew Bryant

Assistant Professor

Director of iSSRL: Intelligent Structures and Systems Research Lab
  • 919-515-5298
  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 3407
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Dr. Bryant is interested in a multidisciplinary approach that combines smart materials, dynamical systems, and fluid-structure interaction phenomena to create novel systems for energy harvesting, sensing, and actuation.

In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Bryant enjoys outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, kayaking, and nature photography.


Ph.D. 2012

Mechanical Engineering

Cornell University

M.S. 2011

Mechanical Engineering

Cornell University

B.S. 2007

Mechanical Engineering

Bucknell University

Research Description

Dr. Bryant's research seeks novel solutions and new devices that contribute to the advancement of emerging technologies in areas including ambient energy harvesting, fluid-structure interaction, and robot actuation and mobility. His work emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach and encompasses both experimental and theoretical investigations. Of particular interest are applications that incorporate smart or adaptive materials and structures, as well as be bio-inspired designs. He is currently working on (1) energy harvesting from piezoelectric structures that driven by fluid-induced vibration or flutter instabilities, (2) aerodynamics of flapping and oscillating wings, (3) development of self-powered sensing/actuation systems, and (4) bio-inspired artificial muscles for robotics and prostheses. At the graduate level, Dr. Bryant plans to teach a course in smart materials systems. This course will introduce students to modeling, analysis, design, and applications of smart materials systems with applications to piezoelectrics, shape memory alloys, and electroactive polymers.


Analysis of tension-tunable clamped-clamped piezoelectric beams for harvesting energy from wind and vibration
Aeroelastic-photovoltaic ribbons for integrated wind and solar energy harvesting
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Bio-inspired passive variable recruitment of fluidic artificial muscles
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Bioinspired passive variable recruitment of fluidic artificial muscles
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Design and analysis of electrohydraulic pressure systems for variable recruitment in fluidic artificial muscles
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Design and demonstration of a seabird-inspired fixed-wing hybrid UAV-UUV system
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Testing and Characterization of a Fixed Wing Cross-Domain Unmanned Vehicle Operating in Aerial and Underwater Environments
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Control design for high-fidelity cyber-physical systems with applications to experimental fluid-structure interaction studies
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Mobile UAS Mothership for Subterranean Mapping and Monitoring
US Army - Army Research Office(11/30/-1 - 2/14/20)
CAREER: Muscle-Inspired Load-Adaptive Actuation for Compliant Robotics
National Science Foundation (NSF)(5/01/19 - 4/30/24)
Autonomous Sensing Platforms for Subterranean Mapping and Monitoring
US Army - Army Research Office(4/01/18 - 2/28/19)
Design, Fabrication and Testing of Smart Material Carrier Basket Arrays (smCBAs) for Automated Analysis of 3D Cell Cultures
National Institutes of Health (NIH)(5/04/18 - 10/31/18)
Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Behavior of Wings in the Presence of Upstream Vortical and Viscous Disturbances
US Air Force - Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)(7/01/17 - 6/30/20)
Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Body in Supersonic Cavity
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)(7/09/16 - 9/30/19)
Vortex-Enhanced Flow Energy Extraction through Wake Interactions
NCSU Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund(7/01/15 - 6/30/16)
Control Approach Development for Variable Recruitment Artificial Muscles
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)(1/01/15 - 8/31/15)
National Science Foundation (NSF)(8/01/15 - 7/31/19)
Angelfish: Initial Planning and Project Management
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)(6/19/14 - 1/31/16)