Liming Xiong

Associate Professor

  • Phone: (352) 871-4014
  • Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 3288

Dr. Liming Xiong earned his PhD and M.S. in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Florida and George Washington University, respectively. His research focuses on the development of atomistic-to continuum modeling methods and their applications in simulating mechanical, thermal , and mass transport behavior in materials with an aim of designing them from the bottom up for aerospace, mechanical, nuclear, chemical, and civil engineering applications. The muti-scale materials modeling method that he has developed attracted attentions and collaborations from both academia and industries nationwide


An atomistic-to-microscale characterization of the kink-controlled dislocation dynamics in bcc metals through finite-temperature coarse-grained atomistic simulations
Ji, R., Phan, T., Chen, Y., Mcdowell, D., & Xiong, L. (2024), ACTA MATERIALIA, 262.
Effect of a Long-Range Dislocation Pileup on the Atomic-Scale Hydrogen Diffusion near a Grain Boundary in Plastically Deformed bcc Iron
Peng, Y., Ji, R., Phan, T., Chen, X., Zhang, N., Xu, S., … Xiong, L. (2023), CRYSTALS, 13(8).
Effect of a micro-scale dislocation pileup on the atomic-scale multi-variant phase transformation and twinning
Peng, Y., Ji, R., Phan, T., Capolungo, L., Levitas, V. I., & Xiong, L. (2023), COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 230.
Effect of periodic image interactions on kink pair activation of screw dislocation
Shuang, F., Ji, R., Xiong, L., & Gao, W. (2023), COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 228.
Multiscale computational and experimental analysis of slip-GB reactions: In situ high-resolution electron backscattered diffraction and concurrent atomistic-continuum simulations
Su, Y., Phan, T., Xiong, L., & Kacher, J. (2023), SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 232.

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Liming Xiong