Afsaneh Rabiei


Dr. Afsaneh Rabiei is interested in processing and characterization of advanced materials, metal foams, coatings and composites. She enjoys solving advanced materials problems aimed at improving our health, safety and environment. Her goal is to create new materials along with improving the properties and performance of existing materials by altering their manufacturing techniques and by studying their micro-structural and mechanical characterization and their failure analysis.

Dr. Rabiei teaches Advanced Materials (MAE-539). In this course, Dr. Rabiei exposes students to newer classes of materials like metal foams, coatings, composites and thin films. She also surveys the current state-of-the-art in advanced materials and presents a comparison of our in-house capabilities with the state-of-the-art. At the undergraduate level, she teaches Statics (MAE-206), Solid Mechanics (MAE 314) and Strength of Mechanical Components (MAE-316). These are classical courses but she likes enriching these courses with discussions on environmental and physical properties exhibited by a wide variety of materials and real life applications. She also presents Undergraduate Research through MAE496 and MAE586. In this course an undergraduate student will be teamed up with a graduate student and will be assigned to work on a research project.

Dr. Rabiei is a unique faculty advisor. Her students often work with professionals outside of MAE, on and off campus and quite often with international groups. Her students tend to be motivated, have good reading and writing skills, and enjoy scientific exploration. Much of her work leads to new inventions. She is fond of pointing out that her students work in an environment of creation.

Outside of work, Dr. Rabiei enjoys her time with family and students.


A Study on Welding of Porous Metals and Metallic Foams
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A computational and experimental approach to evaluate thermal conductivity and diffusivity of steel composite metal foam
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Dwell-fatigue crack growth behaviour of Alloy 709
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Thermal Response of Steel-Steel Composite Metal Foams under Small-Scale Torch-Fire Conditions
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Thermal Response of Steel–Steel Composite Metal Foams under Small‐Scale Torch‐Fire Conditions
Amoafo-Yeboah, N., & Rabiei, A. (2023), Advanced Engineering Materials.
A Study on Thermal Properties of Composite Metal Foams for Applications in Tank Cars Carrying Hazardous Materials
A numerical and experimental approach to compare the effect of sample thickness in small in-situ SEM and large ex-situ tensile testing in Alloy 709
Lall, A., Bowen, P., & Rabiei, A. (2022), MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 184.
A study on the creep behavior of alloy 709 using in-situ scanning electron microscopy
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Effect of aging on failure mechanism of Alloy 709 at various temperatures
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In-situ Scanning Electron Microscopic Observation of Creep and Creep-Fatigue of Alloy 709
Lall, A., Ding, R., Bowen, P., & Rabiei, A. (2021), TMS 2021 150TH ANNUAL MEETING & EXHIBITION SUPPLEMENTAL PROCEEDINGS, pp. 839–852.

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  • MRI: Acquisition of a Large High-Temperature Vacuum Press for Advanced Materials Research, Manufacturing and Training at NC State University
  • A Pilot Study on the Application of Composite Steel Foams as Armors
  • A Study on Radiation Properties of Cellular Structures
  • A New Light Weight Structural Material for Nuclear Structures
  • A Novel Material with Improved Absorption of Collision Forces
  • Dual Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) System for Densification and Interface Modification of Nuclear Fuel Coatings and Innovative Energy-Related Materials
  • A Study on Dynamic Properties of Metal Foam Under High Speed Impacts for armors systems
  • Lightweight Metal Foams with Tailorable Structure and Properties
  • Two Pilot Projects for Scalability in Engineering Instruction: Free-Body Diagrams and Instructor-led Example Problems
  • Processing and developement of nano-scale thin film Hydroxyappetite coatings for biomedical implants
Afsaneh Rabiei