MAE Undergraduate Receives USRA Distinguished Undergraduate Award

Lindsay Jacobson (Aerospace Engineering major at NC State) has been selected as a USRA Distinguished Undergraduate for 2021. Her scholastic records, letter on educational and career goals, and the letters of recommendation written in support of her application were cited as impressing by the scholarship committee. She was one of 5 students chosen from 96 applicants based on the strength of her academic accomplishments and leadership qualities. Faculty from USRA’s member universities reviewed the applications and made their recommendations for selection to the USRA President and CEO, Dr. Jeffery Isaacson. 
The John R. Sevier Memorial Scholarship Award honors the dedication of Sevier to education and advancements in aerospace technology during his 22 years of service to USRA. 

The award consists of a certificate, an award letter, and a scholarship in the amount of $5,000.
Dr. Andre Mazzoleni represented USRA in presenting the award to Lindsay.
MAE would like to congratulate Lindsay on this achievement.