Weitron and FJC seek Full-Time Employees

Weitron, Inc. is a refrigerant gas company based out of Newark, DE. They make refrigerant gas blends, package, and distribute our products to domestic and international customers. They have production plants in Maryland, Delaware, China, and we’re currently building a new state of the art facility in Everetts, NC. They also have distribution centers in CA, FL, and TX. The CHE and one of the ME positions will be at the plant in Everetts, NC which will have rail road service, lab, fully automated blending processes, robotic packaging, etc.

ME Position (Weitron) – This position will work closely with manufacturing to oversee packaging, robotic, blending, and tank farm equipment.

2. FJC, Inc. is located in Mooresville, N.C. This company manufactures automotive air conditioning parts and service accessories, refrigerant oils, fluorescent leak detection dyes, o-rings and gaskets, along with an expanding coverage of automotive service tools.

ME Position (FJC) – This position covers a similar scope as the ME for Weitron.

For questions and to apply, contact Deon Bharrat (Deon.Bharrat@weitron.com).