2013 Alumni Hall of Fame

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Hall of Fame was established to inspire our current students and to celebrate accomplishments of those extraordinary graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career or service. The nomination is based on professional and service, achievement, entrepreneurship and contributions to professional societies.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”  – Lou Holtz


Alumni Hall of Fame 2013
Charles E. Edwards BSME 1950
Gerald D. Mann BSME 1952
Gerald B. Hurst BSME 1956
Claud E. Pugh BSME 1961, MSME 1964, PhD ME 1968
Hank G. Hoomani BSME 1962, MSME 1977, PhD ME 1977
James E. Ingram BSME 1962
David D. Jones BSME 1965, MSME 1970, PhD ME 1981
John L. Parker MSAE 1966 ,PhD AE 1969
Fred Ellington BSME 1967, MSME 1969
George Georgopoulos BSME 1968, MSME 1969, PhD ME 1973
Jerry N. Hefner MSME 1968
Lane R. Miller PhD ME 1988
Noral D. Stewart BSME 1969, MSME 1974, PhD ME 1981
William W. Rickard BSAE 1969
Randy S. Swartz BSME 1971
John W. Sheffield MSME 1973, PhD ME 1975
James C. Chastain, III BSME 1974
Selcuk I. Guceri PhD ME 1976
Robert C. Cagle BSME 1977
Richard A. Reed BSAE 1977
Joseph R. Davis BSME 1978
William C. Hall BSME 1978, MSME 1980
Donald I. Lamonds BSME 1978
Robert W. Walters MSME 1978, PhD AE 1984
Gregory A. Riffe BSME 1981
Richard G. Wolfe MSME 1981
Floyd B. Goodwin BSME 1981
David S. Stabler BSME 1982
Christopher J. Fitzgerald BSAE 1986, MSAE 1989
Gina L. Morton BSME 1986
Alex W. Beltzhoover BSME 1987
Timothy P. Howard BSME 1987
Erik L. Dixon BSME 1988
David B. Ledford BSME 1989, MSME 1994
Gregory N. Washington BSME 1989, MSME 1991, PhD ME 1994
Gary E. Kilpatrick BSME 1990
Christopher S. Holder BSAE 1990
Rolin F. Barrett, Jr. BSME 1991, MSME 1996, PhD ME 2005
Dung C. Nguyen BSAE 1992
Hans A. deBot BSME 1993
Michael S. Matson BSME 1996