Biweekly Temporary Employment

Please Read Each Section Completely Before Your Start Date.

The below information is provided to assist you with any employment needs. 

Hiring Reminders

  • Employees are not to begin work until their appointment is fully approved in the system. You will be notified when your appointment is approved.
  • All employees must complete an I-9 before their appointment can be finalized. I-9s are completed in an electronic system. You will receive a request from Perfect Compliance to begin the I-9 as soon as the transaction for your appointment is submitted into the system. Section 1 can be completed remotely by the employee. Section 2 will need to be completed, in person, with an I-9 Representative. Please reach out to to schedule a time to complete Section 2 of your I-9 or visit the Onboarding Center.
  • All non-student hires must complete the online application, provide three (3) references, and complete a background check. This process can take more than a week to complete.
  • Be aware of your start and end dates. Employees are not permitted to work before the start date or after the end date on their contract.
  • Employees are not permitted to work on official university holidays.
  • Employees can log hours on only one appointment at a time. If you have more than one appointment, you must clock out from one appointment before you can clock into the other.

Hiring Instructions and Documents

Biweekly HR Representative: Shirley Boyd, Jessica Sudduth (backup)