WolfTime Timekeeping

As an hourly employee, you must use the University timekeeping system, WolfTime to track your hours. All temporary employees must punch in and out every day.

To access the system:

  • Under Web Time Clock, select the appropriate clock location from the drop down list if you have multiple jobs.
  • Click Submit to successfully clock in/out

You can review your in and out punches, as well as your total time worked, under the Weekly Time Summary.

Your timesheet is available under Display/Print Time Sheet. You should review your timesheet at the end of every pay period to ensure there are no errors. 

Your hours need to be approved in the system by your supervisor before they can be paid out. If your hours are not approved by lockout they will not be paid out on the upcoming paycheck. If they are approved after lockout, the hours will be paid on the following paycheck. Please review the payroll calendar for pay periods and pay dates. You can use the timesheet to confirm that all the times you have worked have been approved. 

If you leave for lunch, you must punch out and then punch back in when you return. 

If your time needs to be corrected or you miss a clock in or clock out (missed punch), you must complete the Missed Punch Log. Your supervisor can choose to correct the time or sign the form to be returned to the departmental Timekeeper (Shirley Boyd) so your time can be manually corrected. If you have a missed punch or exception, please complete the Missed Punch Log and return it as quickly as possible so the time can be corrected and your supervisor will have time to approve them before lockout.

If you work more than 14 hours continuously (without a break) a justification will need to be provided as to why you were unable to take breaks. NC State considers it best practice for employees to take breaks if they are working for more than 6 hours.

Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule 23-24

 Missed Punch Log

Relevant videos: 

Payable Time Rounding Chart (for printed timesheets)

Note: The departmental Timekeeper cannot view your paycheck. If you have completed the following steps and believe there is an issue with your paycheck you will need to reach out to University Payroll.

  1. Review your timesheet to ensure all time is accurate.
  2. If your timesheet needs to be corrected, reach out to your supervisor, or return the fully signed Missed Punch Log to the Timekeeper.
  3. Check to make sure your supervisor has approved your time by the due date.
  4. If your time is correct and fully approved, reach out to payroll.