MAE Space Access Procedures

Access Information

  • For access to the 3147, 3239, and 3245 Graduate Assistant spaces please see Iyana Porter in the MAE Graduate Office (Room 3113)
  • For access to all other spaces complete the MAE Key/Access Request Form.


  • Exceptions: Due to the nature of the equipment in the following labs the MAE Additional Clearance Form must be completed and returned to Jessica.


    • HB 103 (Subsonic Windtunnel)
    • HB 104 (Engine Test Cell)
    • EB3 1001 (Laser Cutter, 3-D Printer, Instron Material Tester, Chemical Fume Hood)
    • EB3 2206 (MAE UG Lab- Thermal/Fluids)
    • EB3 2208 (MAE UG Lab- Structures) 
    • EB3 2216 (Dynamics and Controls)