Undergraduate Courses

    • MAE 495: Nondestructive Testing and EvaluationĀ  (Fall 2014, sponsored by ASNT)

This course covers the general defect and damage types in materials and structures, principles of NDT/NDE techniques, and NDT/NDE applications. Associated lab modules provide hands-on opportunities for often used NDT/NDE methods including magnetic particle, ultrasound, and eddy current methods.

    • MAE314 Solid Mechanics

Concepts and theories of internal force, stress, strain, and strength of structural elements under static loading conditions. Constitutive behavior for linear elastic structures. Deflection and stress analysis procedures for bars, beams, and shafts.Introduction to matrix analysis of structures.

    • MAE316 Strength of Mechanical Components

Analysis and design of mechanical components based on deflection, material, static strength and fatigue requirements. Typical components include beams, shafts, pressure vessels and bolted and welded joints. Classical and modern analysis and design techniques. Computer analysis using the finite element method. Material and manufacturing considerations in design.

    • MAE435 Principles of Automatic Control

Study of linear feedback control systems using transfer functions. Transient and steady state responses. Stability and dynamic analyses using time response and frequency response techniques. Compensation methods. Classical control theory techniques for determination and modification of the dynamic response of a system. Synthesis and design applications to typical mechanical engineering control systems. Introduction to modern control theory.

Graduate Courses

    • MAE 532: Smart Structures and Micro-TransducersĀ (Spring 2015)

This course is designed for graduate students who wish to learn fundamentals and applications of smart structures and micro transducers. The course focuses on materials, structures, design, fabrication, and characterization of micro transducers. It also covers the recent progress in applications of micro transducers in aerospace, biomedical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.