Leader of Lab

yuan Dr. Fuh-Gwo Yuan
Samuel P. Langley Professor, Smart Structures and Materials Laboratory
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
North Carolina State University
911 Oval Drive – 3306 EBIII
Campus Box 7910
Raleigh, NC 27695-7910



Research Professor

blank-profile-hi Dr. Shaorui Yang


Current Student

cchang Che-Yuan Chang,
Ph.D. StudentResearch interest:
Noncontact damage detection and acoustic image visualization based on wave propagationEmail:
 sni Ni Sui,
Ph.D. StudentResearch interest:
structural acoustics,
acoustic metamaterialsEmail:
 yliu Yuling Liu,
 cwan Chao Wan,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:
Wireless sensor for structural health monitoring, embedded system, roboticsEmail:
Hiking Tyler Hudson,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:
Damage detection and quantification in-situ using piezoelectic sensors and/or optical fibersEmail:
FB_IMG_1471817439836 Patrick Leser,
Ph.D. StudentResearch interests:
Damage Prognosis, Uncertainty Quantification, Machine Learning, and Structural Health Monitoring.Email:
 13820540_1506176286066448_1697305320_n Yu-Sheng Chang,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:
Structural Health Monitoring, Passive Sensing, Damage and Repair for Composite StructuresEmail:
 rfong Rey-Yie Fong,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:
Laser ultrasounds, Fiber optics, Digital communication, Finite element method, Composite materials, Biomechanics & Cellular mechanicsEmail:

Picture Sakib Ashraf Zargar,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:Damage detection in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs).Email:
Hchang Huan-Yu Chang,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:
Laser ultrasounds,
Vision-based SHM, Composite structures,
Finite element methods.Email:
 blank-profile-hi Howuk Kim,
Ph.D. StudentResearch Interest:Email:
 pic_andrew_Choi Andrew Choi,
M.S. StudentResearch Interest:
Soft Computing 
Karthik Reddy
Karthik Reddy Lyathakula,
Ph.D. Student
Research Interest: 

Operational Modal Analysis


Former Visiting Scholars and Students

Thesis/ Dissertation
Program Graduate Time
Liu, Lei
Wireless Networks in Structural Health Monitoring
Ph.D. in M.E.
Nojavan, Saeed
Damage Imaging Algorithms for Structural Health Monitoring using Electromagnetic Waves
Ph.D. in M.E.
Jin, Yun
Atomistic simulations of fracture of 2d graphene systems and the elastic properties of carbon nanotubes
Ph.D. in M.E.
Zhang, Chuyang
Characterization and Modeling of 3-D Woven Composites
Ph.D. in M.E.
Lin, Xiao
Structural Health Monitoring using Geophysical Migration Technique with Built-in Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator Array
Ph.D. in M.E.
Lin, Chung-Yi
Determination of the Fracture Parameters in a Stiffened Composite Panel
Ph.D. in M.E.
Parsaoran, H.
Microstress Analysis of Fiber reinforced Composite Laminates
Ph.D. in A.E.
Cai, Xiaopeng
Electric Current Induced Stresses Around the Crack Tip in Conductors
Ph.D. in M.E.
Choi, K.
Analyses of Composite laminated Shells
Ph.D. in M.E.
Kim, H.
Analysis of Axisymmetrically Loaded Filament Wound Composite Cylindrical Shells
Ph.D. in M.E.
Pringle, Nate
Wireless Smart Sensor Verification for SHM
M.S. in A.E.
Harb, Hussein
A Probabilistic Approach to Damage Localization in Structural Health Monitoring
M.S. in A.E.
Wang, Lei
Elastic Wave Propagation in Composites and Least-squares Damage Localization Technique
M.S. in A.E.
Liang, Aihua
Asymptotic Wave Solutions for Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Beam by Ray Method and Stationary Phase Method
M.S. in M.E.
Li, Junping
Intelligent Load Monitoring in Beam Structures
M.S. in M.E.
Shipman, Benjamin
Calculation of the Generalized Stress Intensity Factors for a V-notched Anisotropic Body
M.S. in A.E.
Parsaoran, H.
The Effect of Thermal Aging on the Mode I Fracture Toughness of IM7/larc-RP46 Composite
M.S. in A.E.
Watts, K.
Elastic Response of Curved Composite Laminates subjected to Edge Moments and Edge Shear Forces
M.S. in A.E.
Potter, B.
Life Prediction of High-Temperature larc-RP46 Composite Laminates
M.S. in A.E.
Hsieh, C.C.
Three-Dimensional Wave Propagation of Composite Cylindrical Shells
M.S. in M.E.
Wu, S.C.
Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Composite Shell Structures
M.S. in A.E.
Selek, M.
Transverse Cracking in Composite Laminates
M.S. in A.E.