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Dr. Mohammed A. Zikry, Zan Prevost Smith Distinguished Professor
Dr. Mohammed A. Zikry

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Recent Alumni Updates

Mohamed Elbadry is now a Computational Mechanics Software Engineer at Third Wave Systems in Minneapolis, MN

Tamir Hasan defended his thesis in August 2022

Mohamed Elbadry defended his thesis in October 2021 and is currently a Post Doctoral Research at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC

Ismail Mohamed defended his thesis in August 2019 and is currently a Post Doctoral Research at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC

Shoayb Ziaei is now a Senior Engineer at Intel Corporation in Portland, OR

Matt Bond, Ph.D., June 2017, currently Senior Engineer, Intel Corporation

Russell Mailen, Ph.D., March 2017, currently Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Bingxiao Zhao, Ph.D., May 2016,”A Predictive Framework for Heterogeneous Behavior and Microstructural Failure Mechanisms in Semi-Crystalline Organic Photovoltaic Thin Films”, currently Senior Engineer, Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ

Shoayb Ziaei, Ph.D., April 2016,”Large Inelastic Strain Deformation and Fracture in HCP Crystalline Alloys,” currently Postdoctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Judy Brown, Ph.D., May 2015,”The Modeling of Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermo-Mechanical Laser Interactions and Microstructural Behavior of Energetic Aggregates”, currently Postdoctoral Research Appointee, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Qifeng Wu, Ph.D., Dec. 2014,”Predictions of Microstructurally Induced Failure Nucleation and Propagation in High Strength Martensitic Steel Alloys”, currently Senior Engineer, Intel Corporation, Portland, OR

Drew LaBarbera, Ph.D., Aug. 2014, “Microstructural Modeling of Hot Spot and Failure Mechanisms in RDX Energetic Aggregates”, currently Postdoctoral Research Associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Letisha McLaughlin, Ph.D, Dec. 2013, “Mechanical Strength and Stability of DNA-Modified Gold Nanoparticle Systems,” currentlyPostdoctoral Researcher, ABB, Raleigh, NC

Prasenjit Khanikar, Ph.D., Nov. 2013, “Predictions and Experimental Microstructural Characterization of High Strain Rate Failure Modes in Layered Aluminum Composites,” currently Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Engineering, Guwahati, India

Siqi Xu, Ph.D., Sept. 2012, “Electro-Mechanical-Thermal Modeling of Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites,” currently Research Engineer at Schlumberger, Houston

Pratheek Shanthraj, Ph.D., Dec. 2011, Mechanical Engineering, “Modeling of Failure Modes In Martensitic Steels,” currently Research Associate, Max Planck Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany

William Lee, Ph.D., Dec. 2011, Mechanical Engineering, “Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Interfacial of High Strength Alloys,” currently Lead Engineer, Stewart Haas Racing, Charlotte, NC

K. El-Khodary, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Sept. 2011, “Failure of High Strength Aluminum Alloys,” currently Assistant Professor, American University of Cairo, Egypt

T. Hatem, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, March 2009, “Failure Modes in Martenistic High Strength Steels,” currently Assistant Professor, British University of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

J. Shi, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Feb. 2009, “Microstructural Modeling of Grain-Boundary Effects in Crystalline Materials,” currentlyResearch Engineer, Schulemberger, Houston, TX

James Pearson, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Feb. 2009, “Computational Design of Adaptive Naocomposites,” currently Research Scientist, Applied Research Associates, Raleigh, NC

O. Rezvanian, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Jan. 2006, “Subgrain Formation in Crystalline Materials,” currently Research Scientists/Engineer, MeMc Corporation, St. Louis, MO

F.A. Jawad, M.S., 2006, “Modeling of Microstructural Failure in High Strength Steels,” currently PhD Student, Princeton University

J. Ma, Ph.D., Aug. 2005, “Microstructural Modeling of Nanoindentation in Crystalline Materials,” currently Assistant Professor, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Jared Baucom, Ph.D., Aug. 2002, “Control of Energy Dissipation in 3D Woven Composites,” currently Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

W. Ashmawi, Ph.D., Aug. 2000, “Failure Modes and Local Length Scales,” currently Senior Research Engineer, Boeing, Seattle, WA

T. Kameda, Ph.D., Aug 1997, “Three Dimensional Microstructurally Induced Failure Modes in Crystalline Intermetallics,” currentlyAssociate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Tsukuba University, Japan

Flanagan, M.S., 1996, “An Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Response and Failure of Braided and Woven Composites”, currently Colonel, U.S. Army JIEDDO Command

V. Orsini, M.S., 1996, Research Engineer, Structural Mechanics Group, “Ductile Failure Mechanisms and Void Coalescence”, currentlyResearch Engineer, Structural Mechanics Group, Fischer Composites, Austria

J. Baucom, M.S., 1996, “Failure Evolution in B.C.C. Crystalline Solids”, currently Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory

M. Kao, Ph.D., 1995, “Failure Evolution and Grain-Boundary Effects”, currently Research Group leader, Composite Structures, Taiwan Aerospace Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan

M. Pothier, M.S., 1994, “Perturbation Analysis of High Strain-Rate Localization in Crystalline Materials”, currently Senior Manager, Design and Manufacturing Group, Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin