Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching

At NCSU, Dr. Zhu teaches “Solid Mechanics” (UG), “Strength of Mechanical Components” (UG), a new undergraduate nanotechnology laboratory course, “Advanced Solid Mechanics” (Graduate), and “Micro/Electromechanical Systems” (Graduate).
List of Courses:

  • MAE 214 Solid Mechanics
  • MAE 316 Strength of Mechanical Components
  • MAE 536 Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems
  • MAE 541 Advanced Solid Mechanics
  • MAE 495/MSE 490/ ISE 495 Introduction to Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Laboratory¬†(NEW!)


Our group is active is multifaceted outreach activities. The objective of our outreach efforts is to increase the awareness of nanotechnology especially nanomechanics among K-12 students/teachers and the public, and inspire students to choose STEM careers.

Click HERE to see samples of our outreach activities.