Lab News

Lab News

4/2018: Our work was featured in NC State’s research magazine, Results: Innovation Beyond Boundaries, which is published annually by the Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development. [from L to R: Yong, Kelly and Shanshan] 

11/2017: Jianxun successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats, Dr. Cui!

8/2017: Yong was promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations!

1/2017: Yong was selected to receive Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty. Congratulations!

11/2016: Both Guangming and Shanshan successfully defended their PhD dissertations. Congrats, Drs. Cheng and Yao!

8/2012: Jimi successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats, Dr. Chang!

5/2016: Our high-school student Sophia Luo received the Third Award in the Materials Science category in the Intel ISEF 2016. Congratulations, Sophia!

5/2016: Shanshan received the Best Reesarch Impact Award from the ASSIST Center. Congratulations!

2/2016: Shanshan was selected to receive the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad. Congratulations, Shanshan!

1/2016 Our review paper last year is among the Hottest Paper in Advanced Materials in 2015 based on the page views.

11/20/2015: Our Wearable Dry Electrodes for Electrophysiological Sensing won the Best Wearable Material/Component Development Award at IDTechEx Wearable USA conference, America’s largest event on wearable technology held in Santa Clara, CA on November 18th and 19th, 2015. Congratulations!

11/2015: Three pieces of good news came in one week: 1) Shanshan received the ASME Micro/Nano Forum Best Poster Award, 2) Guangming received NCSU Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) Best Paper Award, and 3) Yong was named a University Faculty Scholar. Cheers!

8/2015: Yong was selected to receive the MAE Outstanding Research Award. Congratulations!

8/2015: Shanshan received the Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award to attend the IMECE meeting in Houston this Fall from the ASME Applied Mechanics Division. Congratulations!

7/2015: Our collaborative work with Prof. Gao’s group at Brown University and Prof. Dickey’s group at NCSU on giant anelasticity in nanowires was published online in Nature Nanotechnology. Congratulations, team!

4/2015: Yong was selected to receive the 2015 ASME Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award. Congratulations!

4/2015: Yong was selected to receive the Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award from the College of Engineering. Congratulations!

4/2015: Yong was invited to speak about wearable devices at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences forTRIANGLE SCITECH EXPO 2015. As part of the NC Science Festival, this educational event last year attracted more than 4,000 visitors.

12/2014: Shanshan’s review paper on nanomaterial-enabled stretchable conductors was accepted in Advanced Materials. This is a comprehensive review with more than 290 references. Excellent job, Shanshan!

11/2014: Our collaborative work with Prof. Gao’s group at Brown University on fully recoverable plasticity in nanowires was accepted in Nature Communications. Congratulations, team!

3/2014: Lingnan Song, an undergraduate researcher in our group last summer, published a paper on stretchable antennas using silver nanowires. Well done, Lingnan!

8/2013: Five new graduate students, Jianxun Cui, Chengjun Li, Guodong Guo, Felipe Poblete and Zheng Cui, joined the group.  Welcome!

4/2013: Yong was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective August 2013.Congratulations!

1/2013: Dr. Guangming Cheng and Russ Mailen joined the group. Welcome, Guangming and Russ!

12/2012: Qingquan successfully defended his PhD dissertation and will join Schlumberger. Congratulations, Dr. Qin!

11/2012: Yong became Chair of the Multifunctional Materials Committee in Materials Division, ASME.

9/2012: Qingquan received the Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award to attend the IMECE meeting in Houston this Fall from the ASME Applied Mechanics Division.

9/2012: The NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) was funded.

8/2012: The origami team won 4 year, 1.76 million NSF-EFRI award.

8/2012: Three new PhD students, Jimi Chang, Shanshan Yao and Amanda Myers, joined the group. Welcome!

8/2012: Feng successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Xu!

8/2012: Qingquan successfully passed his preliminary exam.

6/2012: Yong was selected to deliver the 2013 JSA Young Investigator Lecture by the Society of Experimental Mechanics.

4/2012: Yong was selected to receive the 2012 Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award at NCSU.

1/2012: Dr. Tao Jiang joined our group as a postdoc from UMass Lowell. Welcome, Dr. Jiang!