Facilities and Labs

Advanced Materials Analytical Lab
  • Bond strength testing machine
  • Optical Microscopes with digital image grabber
  • Vickers Hardness testing machine
  • Evaluation of mechanical and micro-structural properties
  • Failure analysis of materials, coatings and thin films
RabieiEBIII 2231
Advanced Materials Manufacturing Lab
  • Hot press with temperature up to 3000° C
  • Lab furnace with temperature up
    to 1700° C
  • Automated cutting and polishing equipments
  • Processing advanced materials and composites
  • Casting and heat treatment of metals and composites
  • Cutting, grinding and polishing of materials for micro-structural and failure analysis
RabieiEBIII 1202
Advanced Metal Forming and Tribology Lab
  • 150 Ton Hydraulic press
  • 20,000 PSI Tube hydroforming test rig
  • Ultrasonic assisted Microforming test rig
  • Metal forming tribology test rig
  • National Instrument data acquisition
  • Lathe machine
  • Milling machine
  • Bandsaw
  • Desk top computers
  • Die and tool clamping at 150 Ton with 12″ press stroke.
  • Tube Hydroforming o f stainless steel and other metals to various geometries. Maximum tube diameter 2.5″. Maximum fluid pressure 20,000 PSI. The system is computer controlled via Think and Do Live software
  • Extrusion of micro components. Part sizes 1 to 2mm diameter billets. Stroke resolution 0.001mm. The rest rig uses 2KW ultrasonic generator and 20kHz piezoelectric transducer.
  • Friction determination and ranking of metal forming lubricants for Forging and Tube hydroforming.
  • Data acquisition: Force, micro displacement and temperature, recording
  • Turning, drilling, threading , etc
  • Milling of flat surfaces, gear cutting, etc
  • Cutting of metals
  • Equipped with software packages, DEFORM, ANSYS, ProE, Solidworks etc.
NgaileEBIII 1002, 1004
AI-Assisted Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing (AI-M3) Lab

Carbolite high temperature furnace up to 1800°C

Carver Bench top heated press (heated up to 343°C, twelve-ton)

N5225A PNA Microwave Network Analyzer, 10 MHz-50 GHz

VIC-3D digital image correlation (DIC) system

SUNP 3D Bioprinte BIOMAKER with dual nozzle system

Carbide 3D CNC milling machine



3D printing of ceramic components

Real-time wireless sensing at high temperature

Dielectric property measurement from room temperature to 1100°C.

Electrical conductivity measurement from room temperature to 1300°C.
Xu EBIII 1006
Aerospace Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
  • Windows / Linux engineering work stations
  • GridPro, GridGen mesh -generation software
  • Tecplot, Ensight flow visualization software
  • Exclusive access to 270-processor sub-cluster within NCSU High Performance Computing (HPC) Linux cluster
  • Project-dependent access to NASA and DoD HPC resources
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Reactive flows, multi-phase flows, turbulent flows, aerothermodynamics
  • Industry and government applications
  • CFD-based design and analysis
EdwardsEBIII 3213
Applied Aerodynamics Lab/Advanced Control and Dynamic Simulation Lab
  • dSPACE real-time PPC controller board for controller prototyping and hardware-in-loop simulation
  • High speed computer workstations, gain-scheduling control design software, and software for aerodynamic design and analysis
  • Pressure-tapped, reconfigurable airfoil/wing model with multiple flaps for wind-tunnel experiments
  • Robust and gain-scheduling control design and robust stability analysis
  • High-fidelity nonlinear simulation
  • Aircraft and spacecraft dynamic modeling
  • Design and analysis capabilities of airfoils, wings, and configurations for aerospace, wind energy, and automotive applications
  • Post-stall aerodynamics and flight mechanics analysis
  • Theoretical and applied CFD for unsteady aerodynamics
GopalarathnamWuEBIII 3001
Ballistic Loading and Structural Testing
  • Shock Tube
  • High Speed Impactor
  • Hopkinson Bar
  • High Speed Cameras
  • High Speed Data Acquisition systems (up to 100MS/s)
  • High Speed Cameras up to 1 million frames per second
  • Full Field Strain measurements of materials
  • Dynamic Testing of Materials
PankowEBIII 1222
Biomechatronics Lab   EBIII 3414
Composites Manufacturing Lab
  • Nanoimprint Lithography
  • Nanocomposite synthesis
  • 3D nanopatterning
  • Micro/Nano transfer printing
RyuEBIII 1212
Computational & Experimental Mechanics of Materials
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Powder guns
  • Computational modeling
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Experimental mechanics
ZikryEBIII 3251
Computational Biofluids and Heat Transfer Lab  KuznetsovEBIII 3215
Computational Combustion and Energy Sciences Lab
  • 14 Dell workstation terminals.
  • 2 Dell Linux workstations for computations
  • A 20 processor Linux cluster for computations
  • Direct numerical simulation, Large-eddy simulation codes for fundamental studies in combustion
EchekkiEBIII 3217
Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab 
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • High resolution meteorology codes
  • High resolution air quality modeling
LuoEBIII 3211
System Design Optimization Lab
  • Sawtooth Software’s CBC/Web for Choice-Based Conjoint
  • Sawtooth Software’s Advanced Market Simulator
  • Multi-objective / multidisciplinary optimization
  • Product architecture identification / selection
  • Field and analyze discrete choice surveys for market identification
FergusonEBIII 3267
Computational Multi-Physics Lab
  • Several 64-bit multi-processor engineering workstations
  • Fiber-optic connections to: (i) NCSU HPC computers, including 24-node access; and (ii) super-computers at ARL and JICS with restrictions
  • Computational Fluid-Particle Dynamics and Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations
  • Development of new Theories/Models plus Medical Device Design with Applications to: (i) Nanofluid Flow in Microchannels; (ii) Lung-Aerosol Dynamics; and (iii) Tumor Targeting
KleinstreuerEBIII 3172
Electromechanics Research Lab
  • SKF/Revolve MB-350 High Speed Active Magnetic Bearing System
  • CNC milling machine
  • Stereo microscope
  • EnSite NavX Navigation & Visualization
  • Manis 800 TL EPT – 1000 TC Cardiac Ablation System
  • Electromechanical analysis, design, prototyping, assembly and testing
  • Real-time data acquisition and control
  • Intelligent control design and implementation (artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, etc.)
BucknerEBIII 3412
Energy Conversion & Transport in Solid State Devices
  • Mbraun inert atmosphere glove box
  • Solar cell test station
  • UV-visible optical spectrometer
  • Transistor probe station
  • Organic solar cell fabrication
  • Organic thin film transistor fabrication
  • Organic electronic device characterization
  • Mechanical characterization of thin films
O’Connor3301 EBIII
Energy Solutions – Industrial Assessment Center
  • Test infrared camera
  • Flue gas and boiler Stack gas analyzers
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Temperature, Current, Pressure and other Datalogging Equipment
  • Energy Analysis and Modeling Software
  • Collection, analysis and review of energy systems including HVAC, lighting, compressed air, steam, hot water boilers, process equipment and others
  • Objective determination of energy conservation and efficiency initiatives, associated cost savings, related emissions and recommendations for improvement
TerryEBIII 3294,3118



Engine Test Cell  Klang 
Engineering Mechanics & Space Systems Lab
  • High speed digital video camera (up to 20,000 frames per second)
  • 3 High Speed Computer Workstations (each with 16GB RAM)
  • 6ft by 6ft air table for 3-DOF satellite maneuvering experiments (x-y translational plus rotation)
  • Two Air bearings for satellite attitude dynamics and control experiments (each with 3 rotational degrees of freedom)
  • Air Cannon for conducting high velocity impact testing
  • Computational mechanics capabilities for performing dynamics and stress analyses for aerospace and biomechanical systems
  • Expertise in design of innovative planetary rover systems
  • Expertise in utilizing high speed video photography for analyzing dynamic systems
MazzoleniEBIII 3406
Flight Research Lab
  • Perkins Field
  • Subsonic wind tunnel
  • Various small avionics systems
  • Design, construction and testing small UAS
Heat Transfer and Thermal Management Lab  GouldEBIII 3401
High Pressure Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Lab
  • Test laser-based optical diagnostics system to measure temperature, species and velocity in reacting flows
  • Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer and flame ionization detector
  • 5 liter stirred autoclave reactor
  • Malvern SprayTec spray/particle size analyzer (10kHz sampling rate)
  • Laser diagnostic equipment: intensified CCD camera
  • Lasers, high speed digital video camera (up to 90000 frames per second)
  • High pressure combustion chamber for diesel
  • Spray combustion and Small engine hydraulic dynamometer for performance tests
  • Conversion of triglycerides into specification compliant liquid transportation fuels
  • Measure soot concentration and morphology in high pressure reacting environments
  • Characterize emissions from the combustion of various bio-fuels
  • Laser diagnostics for reactive two phase flows under high temperature and high pressure (spray combustion of both fossil and bio-fuels)
  • High speed imaging for various transient physical processes
  • Small engine performance and pollutant emissions test
Saveliev, FangEBIII 1208
Laser Manufacturing Lab
  • High power single-mode fiber laser
  • Sub-micron positioning system
  • Precision laser control systems
  • High aspect ratio micro-hole drilling
  • High brightness laser welding
  • Nano-tube/copper composite implantation for copper molds
TuEBIII 1204
Mechanics of Energy Materials and Biosystems Lab
  • Bio-tester
  • Linux workstation
  • Spectro-photometer
  • Measure biological tissue mechanical properties bi-axially
  • Conduct virtual experiments
  • Measure biological collagen concentration
HuangEBIII 3311
Movement Biomechanics Lab
  • 11-camera Motion Analysis motion tracking system
  • Polhemus G4 electromagnetic motion tracking system
  • 16-channel Biopac surface electromyography (EMG) system
  • Hoggan ergoFET and microFET handheld dynamometers
  • LBR iiwa 14 R820 manipulandum robot (KUKA robotics)
  • MicroScribe G2X 6 degree of freedom digitizer
  • Support dynamic simulation of movement and musculoskeletal modeling
  • Record and analyze three-dimensional kinematic data from the multi-camera system
  • SIMM (Musculographics, Inc) and OpenSim software for creating multibody musculoskeletal models and generating dynamic simulations of movement
SaulEBIII 3309
Micro/Nano Engineering Lab
  • Polytec OFV-534 laser vibrometer
  • Agilent 4294A impedance analyzer
  • Logitech PM5 precision lapperJiang
  • Test High frequency ultrasound
  • M/NEMS for biomedical and aerospace applications
  • Piezoelectric sensors and actuators for extreme environment
JiangEBIII 3418
Microscale and Interfacial Fluid Physics Lab
  • Inverted microscope with 20x magnification
  • 30 kV, 300 micro-amp high voltage unit and
  • UV plasma chamber
  • Image and analyze microscale fluid flow in a variety of geometries
  • Ability to produce micron sized liquid droplets
  • In house development of computer algorithms for image analysis
 EBIII 3309
Nanomechanics and Engineering
  • Probe station with high-resolution optical microscope
  • Nano-robotic manipulator
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Mechanical characterization of micro/nano-scale materials including thin films, coatings, nano-wires and etc
  • MEMS design, simulation, fabrication and characterization
  • Development of novel nano-devices for emerging applications such as energy harvesting and flexible electronics
ZhuEBIII 3315
Nanoscale Thermal Transport Lab
  • Ultrafast-laser pump-probe system
  • Measuring the thermal conductivity of thin films (10-1000 nm) and bulk materials at temperature 50-300 K
  • Measuring TRMOKE signal to probe the spin dynamics in a magnetic film
LiuEBIII 3404
Nanostructures and Nanomanufacturing Laboratory
  • HeCd UV laser
  • Optical microscope
  • Thin-film spincoater
  • 2D/3D Laser interference lithography
  • Colloidal particle self-assembly and phase nanolithography
  • Optical metrology
ChangEB3 1006
Precision Engineering Consortium
  • 12,000 Square Feet of Vibration and Temperature Controlled Lab Space
  • Pneumo Nanoform Four-axis Ultraprecision Machining Center
  • Pneumo ASG-2500 Diamond Turning Machine
  • Zygo GPI 150 mm Aperture Laser Interferometer
  • Zygo NewView 5000 Scanning White Light Interferometric Microscope
  • Burleigh Atomic Force Microscope
  • Taylor-Hobson Form Talysurf 6 Profilometer
  • Ultramill Piezoelectric Elliptical Vibration Machining Device
  • FLORA Long Range Fast Tool Servo
  • Precitec FTS 1000 Fast Tool Servo
  • Nissei Injection Molding Machine
  • Ultraprecision Machining and Metrology
  • Single-Point Diamond Turning and Milling
  • Optical Metrology for Figure and Finish
  • Non-Rotationally Symmetric Optical Design, Fabrication and Metrology
  • Precision Machine Design and Analysis
  • Surface Metrology Data Analysis and Visualization
PankowResearch Bldg. I
Reacting Flow and Turbulent Jets Lab
  • High Speed Cameras
  • Laminar and Turbulent Hydrocarbon Jet Flame Apparatus
  • Spray Combustion/Fuel Injection System
  • Flame Structure and Stability
  • Flame/Flow Interactions
  • Research for industrial burner design
  • Combustion Control
LyonsEBIII 1206
Smart Composites Lab
  • Suite of telecom laser and acquisition systems for optical fiber sensors
  • Pulsed phase and active lock-in infrared thermography measurement system
  • Low-velocity impact tower
  • 3D Laser Doppler Vibrometery Microanalyzer
  • Peak wavelength scanning and full-spectral scanning (up to 300 kHz) of Bragg grating sensors
  • Non-destructive imaging of materials
  • Impact testing of materials with 1-500 Joule impacts, contact force and impactor velocity throughout impact
  • High-resolution wave propagation measurements in materials
PetersEBIII 1008
Smart Structures and Materials Lab
  • Passive/active ultrasonic wave testing for damage detection
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Energy harvesting for wind and vibration
  • Agilent 8714ES RF network analyzer
  • KROHN-HITE 7602 wideband amplifier
  • HP33120A, DPO 2024
YuanEBIII 3305
Sound & Vibration Lab
  • Anechoic test chamber
  • HP 2-channel ubiquitous analyzer
  • Sound & vibration transducers
  • B&K Pulse system
  • Sound & vibration measurement
  • Spectral & time series analysis
  • Source identification & correlation
 HB 108A
Space Flight Lab 
  • Spaceflight orbital mechanics, guidance and navigation
  • Planetary atmospheric flight
  • Spacecraft dynamics and control
Spray and Engine Diagnostics Lab
  • Malvern SprayTec spray/particle size analyzer (10kHz sampling rate)
  • Laser diagnostic equipment: intensified cameras
  • Liquid breakup and atomization measurement for various sprays and solid particle size diagnostics
  • High speed imaging for various transient physical processes
  • Small engine performance and pollutant emissions test
FangEBIII 1216
Structures Lab
  • Instron universal testing machines
  • 3D Printer
  • Small hot press
  • Tensile and compressive testing of materials
  • Laser cutting of Materials
  • 3D Printing of polymer componenets
  • Pre-fabrication of laminated composites
PetersEBIII 1001
Thermal Energy Research and Management Lab
  • Infrared Cameras
  • PIV camera
  • Inline air heater
  • Rotating rig
  • Pressure blower
  • Evaluation of thermal performance of gas turbine internal cooling geometries under stationary and rotating conditions
  • Measurement of gas turbine combustor linear heat loads
  • Visualization of flow in a swirl-stabilized combustor
  • Infrared testing of gas turbine engine hardware
  • High heat flux cooling of microelectronic chips
EkkadHB 110
Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory
  • Aerolab 6-inch variable Mach number supersonic blow-down wind tunnel
  • Variable speed closed-loop subsonic wind tunnel
  • Turbulent vitiated co-flowing jet flame facility
  • 100-Hz cut-off anechoic chamber
  • Pulsed plasma jet facility
  • Flow velocity measurements using PIV and its variations
  • 2D Thermo-chemical properties using fluorescence imaging
  • High-frequency wall pressure using kulite transducers
Vibro-Acoustic Systems and Controls Lab  SilverbergEBIII 3404