Yun Jing

Associate Professor

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  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 3288
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At the graduate level, Dr. Jing teaches Acoustic Radiation I and II (MAE 518 and 718). These two courses are concerned with general principles in acoustics but will also cover special topics in ultrasound.

At the undergraduate level, he teaches solid mechanics (MAE 314) and strength of mechanical components (MAE 316). The students who work with Dr. Jing are drawn to his research because of its cutting edge nature (reflected in high journal activity and research funding agency support) and its high potential in changing the landscape of medical diagnostics.

Outside of work, Dr. Jing enjoys Starcraft II, photography, basketball, and playing the piano.


Ph.D. 2009

Architectural Acoustics

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

M.S. 2007

Architectural Acoustics

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S. 2006


Nanjing University

Research Description

Dr. Jing is currently 1) contributing to the development of ultrasound drug delivery and high intensity focused ultrasound, 2) developing numerical algorithms for predicting acoustic wave behavior in various media, 3) studying the acoustic meta-materials for sub-wavelength imaging, noise reduction and cloaking, 4) and desgining noise insulation materials. In MAE, he collaborates with Drs. Jiang, Yuan, Zhu and Muller. Other research collaborators at NCSU include Dr. Gu (BME).


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Acoustic planar surface retroreflector
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Investigation of acoustic metasurfaces with constituent material properties considered
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Numerical investigation of the inertial cavitation threshold under multi-frequency ultrasound
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Simultaneous Observation of a Topological Edge State and Exceptional Point in an Open and Non-Hermitian Acoustic System
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