Venkat Narayanaswamy


Dr. Venkat Narayanaswamy is interested in scramjet propulsion, laser diagnostics, and combustion. Prior to joining NC State, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UT Austin and RWTH Aachen, Germany. Dr. Narayanaswamy’s long term vision is contributing to the development of next-generation clean and efficient propulsion technologies.

Outside research, Dr. Narayanaswamy is interested in nature photography.


Two-dimensional pressure field imaging of an elastic panel executing post-flutter oscillations
Varigonda, S. V., Serafim, L. P., Freydin, M., Dowell, E. H., & Narayanaswamy, V. (2024), JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, 125.
Dual separation control and drag mitigation in high speed flows using viscoelastic materials
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Fluid structure interactions generated by an oblique shock impinging on a thin elastic panel
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Investigations of shock-boundary layer interaction dynamics using high-bandwidth pressure field imaging
Jenquin, C., Johnson, E. C., & Narayanaswamy, V. (2023), JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 961.
Quenching measurements of Kr 5p[3/2](2) <- <- 4p(61)S(0) electronic transition using absorption spectra
Sahoo, A., Narayanaswamy, V., & Lyons, K. M. (2023), APPLIED OPTICS, 62(6), 110–117.
Effects of Pressure Sensitive Paint on the Dynamics of Half-Inlet Shock Dynamics
Jenquin, C., Johnson, E., & Narayanaswamy, V. (2022), AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, AIAA SciTech Forum 2022, 1–13.
Experimental Investigations of the Hypersonic Stream-Traced Performance Inlet at Subdesign Mach Number
Johnson, E., Jenquin, C., McCready, J., Narayanaswamy, V., & Edwards, J. (2022, September 30), AIAA JOURNAL, Vol. 61.
Experimental Studies of Unstart Shock Dynamics within a Streamtraced Scramjet Inlet
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Fluid Structure Interactions Generated by an Oblique Shock Impinging on a Thin Elastic Panel
Narayanaswamy, V., & Varigonda, S. V. (2022), SSRN. Retrieved from
Investigations of Shock Boundary Layer Interactions Over a Soft Material for Separated Control
Walz, J., & Narayanaswamy, V. (2022), AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, AIAA SciTech Forum 2022.

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  • High Speed Morphing Propulsion Concepts to Advance Range, Efficiency and Maneuverability (ARL-BAA no. W911NF-17-S-0003-11, section: e. CCE-ScMVR-2(iv))
  • Test Rig for Effective Reproduction of Inlet Distorted Supersonic Flows
  • Variable Engine for New Maneuvers
  • Long duration Mach 6 wind tunnel facility for hypersonics research
  • Demonstration of a Gas Turbine Scale RDC Integrated with Compressor and Turbine Conditions at 7FA Cycle.
  • Investigations of Self Starting Streamtraced Inlets at Off-Design Conditions
  • Fluid Structure Interactions between unsteady shock waves and compliant materials for unsteady load mitigation
  • Tailored Supersonic Flowfields
  • Fluid Structural Thermal Interactions (FSTI) in Hypersonic Flow
  • Non-intrusive Flight Trajectory Manipulation of High-speed Munitions Using Non-linear Shock/Boundary Layer Interactions
Venkat Narayanaswamy