Tim Horn

Assistant Professor

  • Phone: (919) 515-5225
  • Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 3148


1.5 MW CW RF Loads for Gyrotrons
Ives, L., Bui, T., Habermann, T., Collins, G., Marsden, D., Neilson, J., … Rock, C. (2023), 21ST JOINT WORKSHOP ON ELECTRON CYCLOTRON EMISSION AND ELECTRON CYCLOTRON RESONANCE HEATING, EC21, Vol. 277. https://doi.org/10.1051/epjconf/202327704008
Microstructure development and properties of micro-alloyed copper, Cu-0.3Zr-0.15Ag, produced by electron beam additive manufacturing
Ovalle, D. G., Rock, C., Winkler, C., Hartshorn, D., Barr, C., Cullom, T., … Horn, T. (2023), Materials Characterization, 197, 112675. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matchar.2023.112675
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of ODS 14YWT from Gas Atomization Reaction Synthesis Precursor Powders
Saptarshi, S., DeJong, M., Rock, C., Anderson, I., Napolitano, R., Forrester, J., … Horn, T. (2022, August 2), JOM, Vol. 8. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11837-022-05418-6
Laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing of oxide dispersion strengthened steel using gas atomized reaction synthesis powder
Horn, T., Rock, C., Kaoumi, D., Anderson, I., White, E., Prost, T., … Darsell, J. (2022), MATERIALS & DESIGN, 216. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matdes.2022.110574
No ball milling nee de d: Alternative ODS steel manufacturing with gas atomization reaction synthesis (GARS) and friction-based processing
Zhang, D., Darsell, J. T., Wang, J., Ma, X., Grant, G. J., Anderson, I. E., … Odette, G. R. (2022), JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 566. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jnucmat.2022.153768
Additive manufacturing of ZrB2-ZrSi2 ultra-high temperature ceramic composites using an electron beam melting process
Jia, Y., Mehta, S. T., Li, R., Chowdhury, M. A. R., Horn, T., & Xu, C. (2021), CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 47(2), 2397–2405. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2020.09.082
Characterization of copper & stainless steel interface produced by electron beam powder bed fusion
Rock, C., Tarafder, P., Ives, L., & Horn, T. (2021). Characterization of copper & stainless steel interface produced by electron beam powder bed fusion. MATERIALS & DESIGN, 212. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matdes.2021.110278,
Electron Beam Melting of Niobium Alloys from Blended Powders
Hankwitz, J. P., Ledford, C., Rock, C., O'Dell, S., & Horn, T. J. (2021), MATERIALS, 14(19). https://doi.org/10.3390/ma14195536
Processing of tungsten through electron beam melting *
Ellis, E. A. I., Sprayberry, M. A., Ledford, C., Hankwitz, J. P., Kirka, M. M., Rock, C. D., … Dehoff, R. R. (2021), JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 555. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jnucmat.2021.153041
Quasi-Static Tensile Properties of Unalloyed Copper Produced by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
Tarafder, P., Rock, C., & Horn, T. (2021), MATERIALS, 14(11). https://doi.org/10.3390/ma14112932

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  • Feasibility Trials of Titanium Alloy Powder Atomization Trials
  • BSE In-Process Monitoring Technology for EB-PBF: Continuation
  • Understanding Microstructural Influences on the Thermal, Electrical, and Mechanical Properties of Copper Produced by Additive Manufacturing, CPAC Core Project
  • TRACA_RFP_W911NF2120078-RFP-010_Additive Manufacturing Methodology for Rapid Replacement to Optimized Readiness: Evaluation of Metal Additive Manufacturing for Spare Parts and Light Weighting of Equipment
  • EBM Process Development for WC 2022
  • Membership in Consortium on the Properties of Additively Manufactured Copper (CPAC), Full Member II
  • Phase 2: High Temperature Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing of Tungsten Plasma Facing Components with Integrated Porous Armor
  • A Holistic Approach for the Processing Science of Next Generation Ultrahigh Temperature Materials For Heat Exchangers
  • Advancing the Science of Measurement, Process Monitoring and Control for Additive Manufacturing, CAMAL Core Project
  • On-Demand Additive Manufacturing of Astronomical Mirrors
Tim Horn