Tasnim Hassan

Tasnim Hassan is a faculty member in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU) since January 1995. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, he teaches courses related to mechanics, strength of materials, fatigue, fracture, and constitutive modeling (CE214, CE313, CE515, CE718).

Currently, through one National Science Foundation, two U.S. Department of Energy and one Honeywell Aerospace projects his research group (graduate students: Farhan Rahman, Heramb Mahajan, Urmi Devi, Dhanushka Palipana, and Research Assistant Professor Dr. Machel Morrison) is making efforts in understanding very high temperature fatigue-creep failures of modern alloys. The experimental data and constitutive models to be developed through these projects will allow accurate life prediction and thereby safer and economical design of critical high temperature components. His research, education, and professional activities are geared toward understanding failure of structures subjected to extreme loading conditions, advancing constitutive models for more accurate prediction of structural failure, and finally develop techniques for enhancing resilience of structures.


A Practical Analysis Framework for Assessment of Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers in High-Temperature Nuclear Service
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Influence of Weld Sequence on the Low-Cycle Fatigue Failure of WUF-B Connections
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Material modeling and simulation of continuous-bending-under-tension of AA6022-T4
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Optimized stereo digital image correlation setup for miniature round specimen: framework development and implementation
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P92 steel creep-fatigue interaction responses under hybrid stress-strain controlled loading and a life prediction model
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Tasnim Hassan