Mark Pankow

Associate Professor

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  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 3284
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Dr. Pankow is interested in composite materials and materials subjected to high rates of loading, including blast and ballistic performance.

Dr. Pankow has taught MAE 214, 371, 472, 537 and 589. His research focuses on materials in extreme environments. His prospective graduate students need to be self-motivated, have some background in experimental work (not be afraid to get their hands dirty), and be solid in analysis, too.

Outside of work, Dr. Pankow enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Composites for Extreme Environments


Ph.D. 2010

Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan

M.S.E. 2007

Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan

B.S. 2005

Mechanical Engineering

California Polytechnic State University

Research Description

Dr. Pankow's long-term goal is to contribute to the advancement of our understanding of high impact bio-mechanics with an emphasis on the mechanical effects on the skull-brain system. Dr. Pankow is presently studying the underlying failure mechanisms in blast loading on composite materials. This study is being performed experimentally and is drawing its data largely from high-speed image capture of blast samples. The results can be applied to blast resistant structures (aircraft, buildings, etc). He is also currently studying blast structure-human interaction. This study examines the effects of shock-wave loading on skull-brain systems that vary in their mechanical properties. This research is aimed at applications that reduce the risks of traumatic brain injury.


A structural-based computational model of tendon-bone insertion tissues
Kuznetsov, S., Pankow, M., Peters, K., & Huang, H.-Y. S. (2020), MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES, 327.
Analysis of Self-Organized Patterned Surface Oxide Spots on Ejected Spatter Produced during Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Rock, C., Vadlakonda, R., Figurskey, S., Ledford, C., West, H., Miller, V., … Horn, T. (2020), ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, 35.
Performance evaluation of two progressive damage models for composite laminates under various speed impact loading
Advanced Dual-Pull Mechanism for Deployable Spacecraft Booms
Firth, J. A., & Pankow, M. R. (2019), JOURNAL OF SPACECRAFT AND ROCKETS, Vol. 56, pp. 569–576.
High-Speed Interrogation Approach for FBG Sensors Using a VCSEL Array Swept Source
Guo, G., Pankow, M., & Peters, K. (2019), IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 19(21), 9766–9774.
Shape reconstruction of woven fabrics using fiber bragg grating strain sensors
Guo, G., Hackney, D., Pankow, M., & Peters, K. (2019), SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, 28(12).
Soft body armor time-dependent back face deformation (BFD) with ballistics gel backing
Goode, T., Shoemaker, G., Schultz, S., Peters, K., & Pankow, M. (2019), COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 220, 687–698.
Strain state dependent anisotropic viscoelasticity of tendon-to-bone insertion
Kuznetsov, S., Pankow, M., Peters, K., & Huang, H.-Y. S. (2019), MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES, 308, 1–7.
The effect of the through-thickness yarn component on the in- and out-of-plane properties of composites from 3D orthogonal woven preforms
Midani, M., Seyam, A.-F., Saleh, M. N., & Pankow, M. (2019), JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, 110(3), 317–327.
A generalized analytical model for predicting the tensile behavior of 3D orthogonal woven composites using finite deformation approach
Midani, M., Seyam, A.-F., & Pankow, M. (2018), JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, 109(11), 1465–1476.

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Membership in PE Consortium, In-Kind
Smart Material Solutions LLC(1/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Develop Preliminary Tools and Devices for Precision Medical Devices, PE Consortium Core Project 9
PE CONSORTIUM(6/01/20 - 12/31/21)
Membership in PE Consortium, Associate Member
MIT Lincoln Laboratory(1/01/20 - 12/31/21)
IPA Assignment for Dr. Pankow
National Reconnaissance Office(10/01/20 - 9/30/21)
Precision Path Motion for Dynamic Actuation, PEC Core Project 7
PE CONSORTIUM(10/01/19 - 12/31/21)
Microindentation, PEC Core Project 6
PE CONSORTIUM(7/01/19 - 12/31/21)
Develop Machining Processes to Produce Optimal Surface Finish in Pure Metals, PEC Core Project 8
PE CONSORTIUM(10/01/19 - 12/31/21)
Impact Protection Design Solutions Using AI/Neural Networks
Windpact(10/01/19 - 6/30/20)
Indentation of µm Lens Molds on Aluminum and Si Substrates, PEC Enhancement Project
Facebook Technologies, LLC (formerly Oculus VR, LLC)(7/01/19 - 6/30/21)
Sub-Aperture Polishing of mm-Sized Plastic Optics, PEC Enhancement Project
Facebook Technologies, LLC (formerly Oculus VR, LLC)(7/01/19 - 12/31/21)