Marie Muller

Associate Professor

Dr. Muller is interested in medical ultrasound and ultrasound propagation in complex media.  Her long-term objective is to advance the state-of-the-art of medical ultrasound and contribute to screening and prevention methods.

Her  research attracts students because of its high societal impact, because it involves both theory and the learning about state-of-the-art numerical and experimental methods, and because it involves teamwork and collaborations with physicians, physicists and engineers. Since her research is multidisciplinary, students in her lab have the opportunity to tailor their graduate experience to their particular interests. Her applications involve developing non-invasive methods to quantitatively characterize the microstructure of complex biological media such as lung and bone. This leads to the development of new technologies for the diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary edema.

Outside of work, she enjoys family, friends, music and food.


Investigating pulmonary edema in rat lungs using separation of multiple scattering and single scattering contribution
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Lung nodule biopsy guided using a 30 MHz ultrasound transducer: in vitro study
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Random matrix theory (RMT) to quantify scattering behavior in lung mimicking phantoms
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Random matrix theory to quantify micro-structural changes in rodent lungs due to pulmonary diseases
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Ultrasound Characterization of Cortical Bone Using Shannon Entropy
Karbalaeisadegh, Y., Yao, S., Zhu, Y., Grimal, Q., & Muller, M. (2023), ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 49(8), 1824–1829.
Estimation of Thickness and Speed of Sound for Transverse Cortical Bone Imaging Using Phase Aberration Correction Methods: An In Silico and Ex Vivo Validation Study
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New International Guidelines and Consensus on the Use of Lung Ultrasound
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Numerical and experimental evaluation of low-intensity transcranial focused ultrasound wave propagation using human skulls for brain neuromodulation
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Using ultrasonic attenuation in cortical bone to infer distributions on pore size
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Biosafety of Low-Intensity Pulsed Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Brain Stimulation - A Human Skull Study
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  • Quantitative Assessment of Angiogenesis using Ultrasound Multiple Scattering
  • Novel Ultrasonic Methods for the Assessment of Pulmonary Edema
  • Novel Ultrasound Localization of Pulmonary Nodules during Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery to Improve Surgical Resection
  • Innovative ultrasonic methods for the diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary fibrosis
  • Ultrasound Enhanced Platelet-like Particle Therapy for Accelerated Wound Repair
  • Assessment of Bone Micro-Structure using Ultrasonic Methods
  • Ultrasonic Characterization of Atherosclerotic Plaque using Multiple Scattering
  • Experimental Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone Micro-Architecture
  • Quantitative Characterization of Trabecular Bone Micro-Architecture Using Ultrasound – Applications to the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Spaceflight Osteopenia.
Marie Muller