Mingtai Chen

Assistant Teaching Professor

I am an experimentalist fascinated with designing a test setup, acquiring test data, analyzing the data, and making the final conclusions and recommendations. As an educator, my goal in the long term is to make the experiment in aerodynamics and vehicle structures more appealing to students.  

Before joining NC State, I was a flight test engineer in Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd, Shanghai. This job provided experience on how the ideas in textbooks are transferred to industry and tested in real flights. Also, this working opportunity motivated me to learn more in aerospace engineering. Therefore, I chose to pursue my Ph.D. program in 2016 at the University of Alabama. In the end, I am passionate about aerospace engineering to which I continue devoting my time and efforts.

Outside of work, I will play guitar to refresh myself and go fishing in nature.


  • NCSU FRPD 2022-2345
  • NCSU SoTL Scholarship


A Modified Hand-Held Force Meter to Measure Yarn Tension in the Ring Spinning Process
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Design and test a converging and de Laval nozzle using additive manufacturing
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Investigation of Fountain Effect in Dual-Rotor/Wing Interaction at Low Reynolds Number
Chen, M., Shen, J., & Hubner, J. P. (2022), AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum. Presented at the AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum, Chicago, IL. https://doi.org/10.2514/6.2022-3816
Pressure and Strain Measurement on a 10° Control Surface of a Slender Cone in Hypersonic Flow
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Experimental Investigation of Wing-on-Rotor Effect at Low Disk Loading and Reynolds Number
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Parametric Investigation of Aerodynamic Interaction Between Two Rotors and a Flat Plate at Low Reynolds Number
, . (2021).

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Mingtai Chen