Larry M. Silverberg


Research Area: Dynamics and modern physics

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Biographical narrative


How Schwarzschild could have discovered and fixed the problem with his metric
Miller, L. R., Silverberg, L. M., Eischen, J. W., & Miller, S. R. (2024), PHYSICS ESSAYS, 37(1), 74–79.
Trajectory of a Spacecraft When It Passes by a Gravitational Body During Interstellar Travel
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Ungulate responses and habituation to unmanned aerial vehicles in Africa's savanna
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Discrete element method simulator for joint dynamics: a case study using a red-tailed hawk's hallux digit
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Isotropic packing algorithm for particle simulations
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Artificial Lumbered Flight for Autonomous Soaring
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On a new field theory formulation and a space-time adjustment that predict the same precession of Mercury and the same bending of light as general relativity
Silverberg, L. M., & Eischen, J. W. (2020), PHYSICS ESSAYS, 33(4), 489–512.
A New System Development Framework Driven by a Model-Based Testing Approach Bridged by Information Flow
Zhu, D., Pritchard, E. G. D., & Silverberg, L. M. (2018), IEEE SYSTEMS JOURNAL, 12(3), 2917–2924.
Gender comparison in consistency in the basketball free throw by an event-driven approach
Silverberg, L. M., Tran, C. M., & Laue, C. (2018), SPORTS ENGINEERING, 21(4), 333–340.
Cellular growth algorithms for shape design of truss structures
Tschida, C. E., & Silverberg, L. M. (2013), COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES, 116, 1–6.

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Larry M. Silverberg