Kenneth Granlund

Associate Professor

  • Phone: (919) 513-1805
  • Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 3314

Dr. Granlund is interested in unsteady experimental fluid mechanics, vortex dynamics and flow control.

The graduate students working under his direction are curious, motivated, and open to new ideas. A large part of research is to combine knowledge from several disciplines to solve difficult problems in easier ways. Dr. Granlund’s role as an advisor is to point students in the right direction and away from pitfalls while they train to become independent researchers.

Outside of work, Dr. Granlund enjoy hiking, bicycling and spending time with family outdoors.


Blade element momentum theory for a skewed coaxial turbine
Elfering, K., Metoyer, R., Chatterjee, P., Mazzoleni, A., Bryant, M., & Granlund, K. (2023), Ocean Engineering.
Autonomous Closed-Loop Experimental Characterization and Dynamic Model Validation of a Scaled Underwater Kite
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High streamwise airfoil oscillations at constant low and high incidence angles
Elfering, K., Narsipur, S., & Granlund, K. (2022), PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, 34(8).
Novel Surface Flow-Reversal Sensor Applied to Detection of Airfoil Stall
Aleman, M. A., Gopalarathnam, A., & Granlund, K. (2022, May 13), JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, Vol. 5.
Store Separation Trajectory Clusters from Machine Learning
Gothard, W. D., & Granlund, K. O. (2022), JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, Vol. 59, pp. 117–125.
Back-imaging of polymer-ceramic pressure-sensitive paint
Turpin, A. M., Granlund, K. O., Hayashi, T., & Sakaue, H. (2021), MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 32(10).
Finite wing lift during water-to-air transition
Weisler, W. A., Waghela, R., Granlund, K., & Bryant, M. (2021), PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS, 6(5).
Low-frequency, spanwise oscillation in a finite-width cavity at Mach 1.5
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Modeling, simulation, and equilibrium analysis of tethered coaxial dual-rotor ocean current turbines
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Supersonic cavity flow with a downstream-sliding door
Turpin, A. M., Granlund, K. O., Hayashi, T., & Sakaue, H. (2021), EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS, 62(12).

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  • Dynamic Response of the Shear Layer to Cavity Door Operation at Supersonic Speeds
  • Device Design and Robust Periodic Motion Control of an Ocean Kite System for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting
  • Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Body in Supersonic Cavity
Kenneth Granlund