Kenneth Granlund

Assistant Professor

  • 919-513-1805
  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 3314

Dr. Granlund is interested in unsteady experimental fluid mechanics, vortex dynamics and flow control.

The graduate students working under his direction are curious, motivated, and open to new ideas. A large part of research is to combine knowledge from several disciplines to solve difficult problems in easier ways. Dr. Granlund’s role as an advisor is to point students in the right direction and away from pitfalls while they train to become independent researchers.

Outside of work, Dr. Granlund enjoy hiking, bicycling and spending time with family outdoors.


Ph.D. 2003

Aerospace Engineering

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Vehicle Engineering

Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

Research Description

Dr. Granlund's long term goal is to gain a deeper understanding of separated unsteady, separated flows and develop physics-based low-order force models for maneuvering and control of air vehicles. Unsteady fluid mechanics exist in in several different areas such as helicopter rotor aerodynamics, wind turbines, Micro Air Vehicle flapping flight, high-rate maneuvering conventional aircraft, where the object is unsteady, as well as gusting air with unsteady inflow. In many of these research problems, the freestream has rarely been varied; it is usually assumed to be constant and uniform. Dr. Granlund's research expands the knowledge of how streamwise velocity fluctuations affect "standard" unsteady fluid dynamic problems.


Passive flow control for drag reduction in vehicle platoons
Jacuzzi, E., & Granlund, K. (2019), JOURNAL OF WIND ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL AERODYNAMICS, 189, 104–117.
Leading-edge flow criticality as a governing factor in leading-edge vortex initiation in unsteady airfoil flows
Ramesh, K., Granlund, K., Ol, M. V., Gopalarathnam, A., & Edwards, J. R. (2018), Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, 32(2), 109–136.
Experiments and computations on the lift of accelerating flat plates at incidence
Stevens, P. R. R. J., Babinsky, H., Manar, F., Mancini, P., Jones, A. R., Nakata, T., … Ol, M. V. (2017), AIAA Journal, 55(10), 3255–3265.
Non-linearity of apparent mass for multi-element bodies
Granlund K., O. M., & L., B. (2016), AIAA Journal, 54(2), 771–776.
Streamwise oscillation of airfoils into reverse flow
Granlund, K. O., Ol, M. V., & Jones, A. R. (2016), AIAA Journal, 54(5), 1628–1636.
Unsteady aerodynamic characteristics of a translating rigid wing at low Reynolds number
Mancini P., M., F., A. J. A., Granlund, K., & Ol, M. (2015), Physics of Fluids (Woodbury, N.Y.), 27(123102).
Unsteady aerodynamic response of a rapidly started flexible wing
Mancini P., A. J. A., Granlund, K., & Ol, M. (2015), International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles, 7(2), 147–158.
Airfoil longitudinal gust response in separated vs. attached flows
Granlund, K., Monnier, B. O., & Williams, D. (2014), Physics of Fluids (Woodbury, N.Y.), 26(027103).
Discrete-vortex method with novel shedding criterion for unsteady aerofoil flows with intermittent leading-edge vortex shedding
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Effect of root cutout on force coefficients of rotating wings
Schlueter K., J. A., Granlund K., & M., O. (2014), AIAA Journal, 52(6), 1322–1325.

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Device Design and Robust Periodic Motion Control of an Ocean Kite System for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting
US Dept. of Energy (DOE) - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE)(5/01/19 - 10/31/20)
Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Body in Supersonic Cavity
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)(7/09/16 - 9/30/19)