Rich Gould


  • 919-515-5236
  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 4162

In the classroom, Dr. Gould teaches MAE 201 Engineering Thermodynamics I, MAE 501 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics and MAE 310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals. Thermodynamics is essentially two subjects in one: 1st and 2nd law analyses, and the thermodynamic properties of materials. His approach in these classes is to use a systematic approach to solving these problems and to emphasize the two aspects of these problems, overcoming confusion and providing greater depth to the subject. His approach in MAE 310 is to focus in class on solving practical problems. For example, the problem of finding the critical (optimal) thickness of insulation is interesting in that the solution depends on the competing effects of reduced resistance due to convection and the increased resistance due to conduction.

As a research adviser, Dr. Gould usually meets with his students weekly. His students are self-motivated and interested in contributing to society through the engineering of systems and processes that improve efficiencies and conserve our energy resources.

Outside of work, Dr. Gould enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles, watching football and soccer, working on home improvement projects and participating in church and mission activities.


Ph.D. 1987

Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

M.S. 1983

Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

B.S. 1979

Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

Research Description

Dr. Gould's long-term research goal is to contribute to the improvement of energy utilization, drawing on his technical experiences in the thermal-fluids area. Most recently, he has been 1) developing cooling methods for high-power solid-state electronics for the smart grid, 2) developing a ceramic particle based heat transfer fluid for extremely high temperature applications, 3) developing for third-world countries a low-cost, robust, cooler (chest) for vaccines, and 4) studying the dependence of daily changes in weather on residential energy use toward the goal of developing algorithms and heuristics that optimize the usage times of home appliances.

Honors and Awards

  • Inducted into NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers, 2001


Characterizing particle-wall contact behavior and fluctuations in gravity-driven dense granular flows in cylindrical tubes using dem
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Heat transfer to vertical dense granular flows at high operating temperatures
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A convenient low order thermal model for heat transfer characteristics of single floored low-rise residential buildings
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Experimental and computational studies of gravity-driven dense granular flows
Chilamkurti, Y. N., & Gould, R. D. (2016),
Thermal stress and high temperature effects on power devices in a fault-resilient NPC IGCT-based converter
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Investigation of enhancement in pool boiling heat transfer of a binary temperature sensitive magnetic fluid
Karimi-Moghaddam, G., Gould, R. D., & Bhattacharya, S. (2014),

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Support of NC State Student Motorsports Fabrication and Design Shop
DENSO International America, Inc. (6/11/18 - 4/30/19)
Coordinate Measuring Machine for Reverse Engineering at NC State
DENSO International America, Inc. (6/01/17 - 4/30/18)
Expansion of CNC manufacturing processes at NC State
DENSO International America, Inc. (6/17/16 - 3/16/17)
"Demonstration of a Medium Voltage Power Module for High Density Conversion" Task 4.6:Pwr Amer-Hopkins- BP-2
NCSU PowerAmerica: Next Generation Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute(6/15/16 - 6/30/18)
High Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid for CSP
US Dept. of Energy (DOE) - Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)(2/18/14 - 12/31/16)
Gen II SST Development Based om 15 kV SiC Power Devices
NCSU Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center (FREEDM)(9/01/10 - 8/31/18)
Constitutive Modeling of Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs)
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)(3/29/10 - 2/28/13)
SSTGEN1 : Design and Development of Isolated Bidirectional DC-to-DC Converter For SST, Verification of SST Controller, and Testing of Gen1 SST System
NCSU Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center (FREEDM)(9/01/08 - 8/31/11)
US Navy - Naval Air Depot, Cherry Point(1/07/09 - 4/24/09)
Development of a clutch mechanism for squirrel cage windturbine
John Ketcham(8/09/08 - 11/15/11)