Fen Wu


Dr. Wu’s long-term goal is to play an important role in the development of robust and nonlinear control theory. A major roadblock in the development of robust and nonlinear control theory is solvability (computation) and so his work focuses largely on solvability.

Dr. Wu teaches Nonlinear System Analysis and Control (MAE 522). This is a first-year graduate-level course that introduces students to the interesting nonlinear behavior and the corresponding control strategies, like Liapunov stability theory, feedback linearization, and sliding mode control. He also teaches Robust Control with Convex methods (MAE 721). This is an advanced course that goes beyond linear theory to provide modern tools that enhance robustness when the system is not completely known.

At the undergraduate level, Dr. Wu teaches Dynamics of Machines (MAE 315) and Principles of Automatic Control (MAE 435). In both of these courses, Dr. Wu’s major emphasis to the students is that we are dealing with systems and, as such, that they obey systematic methods.

Dr. Wu’s students are theoretically oriented, self-motivated, and work independently. He tends to give them a lot of freedom in their research direction. His students enjoy the subject, among the different reasons, because of its unique blend of mathematics and engineering.

Outside of work, Dr. Wu spends time with his family and enjoys travel.


Fault Estimation for a Class of Markov Jump Piecewise-Affine Systems: Current Feedback Based Iterative Learning Approach
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Modeling and energy management strategy of hybrid energy storage in islanded DC micro-grid
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Sampled-Data Control for Buck-Boost Converter Using a Switched Affine Systems Approach
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Remaining useful life prediction of PEMFC based on the multi-input cycle reservoir with jump network
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Switching Anti-Windup Synthesis for Linear Systems With Asymmetric Actuator Saturation
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Switching Anti-windup Control for Aircraft Engines
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Fault-Tolerant Attitude Control for Rigid Spacecraft Without Angular Velocity Measurements
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Modeling and Control of Drill-String System With Stick-Slip Vibrations Using LPV Technique
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  • Advanced Switching Control Techniques For Switched Systems Subject to Physical Constraints
  • Developing High Performance, Computationally Efficient Nonlinear Control Techniques For Polynomial Nonlinear Systems
  • Reconfigurable Robust Gain-Scheduled Control for Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicles
  • Developing Nonlinear Optimal and Robust Control Techniques for Space Exploration
Fen Wu