Thomas Dow

Duncan Distinguished University Prof in ME & Director, PEC

  • Phone: 919-515-3976
  • Office: Research Building I 104

Precision Engineering Consortium


Dr. Dow is interested in precision machining systems, real-time control, and metrology.

At the graduate level, Dr. Dow teaches Metrology for Precision Manufacturing (MAE 545). The emphasis for this class is on procedures and techniques for measuring planes, distance and angles. Students learn about the instruments and techniques for accurate and repeatable measurement and the theoretical and practical foundations for designing such systems. Video laboratory sessions show the students how to setup and perform the measurements and the students calculate the appropriate results based on the data provided.

At the undergraduate level, Dr. Dow teaches Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design (MAE 415) and Mechanical Engineering Design (MAE 416). He brings to both of these classes a wealth of experiences in mechanical design, analysis and fabrication. In recent years the students in his classes designed a top fuel dragster clutch and analyzed the drive system for a cable cams used at football games.

When not in the lab, Dr. Dow spends time with his wife and family (2 children and 7 grandchildren) and also enjoys hiking, running, biking, and kit car building.




Direct analysis of textile dyes from trace fibers by automated microfluidics extraction system coupled with Q-TOF mass spectrometer for forensic applications
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  • Precision Path Motion for Dynamic Actuation, PEC Core Project 7
  • Microindentation, PEC Core Project 6
  • Develop Machining Processes to Produce Optimal Surface Finish in Pure Metals, PEC Core Project 8
  • Indentation of µm Lens Molds on Aluminum and Si Substrates, PEC Enhancement Project
  • Sub-Aperture Polishing of mm-Sized Plastic Optics, PEC Enhancement Project
  • Develop Machining Processes to Produce Optimal Surface Finish and Minimal Tool Wear, PEC Core Project 2019-2020
  • Membership in PE Consortium, Associate Member
  • PE Consortium Administrative Account
  • Develop Machining Processes to Produce Optimal Surface Finish and Minimal Tool Wear, PEC Core Project 4
  • Multi-Lens Array, PEC Enhancement Project
Thomas Dow