Chi-An Yeh

Assistant Professor

Chi-An Yeh’s research focuses on the intersection of unsteady fluid mechanics, data science, and network science with particular emphasis on innovating active flow control techniques for unsteady aerodynamic applications. He is also interested in computational fluid dynamics, dynamical systems and optimization.

Prior to joining NC State, Dr. Yeh was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. from the Florida State University, M.S. from National Taiwan University, and B.S. from National Chiao Tung University, all in Mechanical Engineering.


A Database for Reduced-Complexity Modeling of Fluid Flows
Towne, A., Dawson, S. T. M., Bres, G. A., Lozano-Duran, A., Saxton-Fox, T., Parthasarathy, A., … Taira, K. (2023, May 12), AIAA JOURNAL.
Identifying the Self-Sustaining Mechanisms of Transonic Airfoil Buffet with Resolvent Analysis
Iwatani, Y., Asada, H., Yeh, C.-A., Taira, K., & Kawai, S. (2023, March 24), AIAA JOURNAL.
Triglobal resolvent analysis of swept-wing wakes
Ribeiro, J. H. M., Yeh, C.-A., & Taira, K. (2023), JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 954.
Sparsifying the resolvent forcing mode via gradient-based optimisation
Skene, C. S., Yeh, C.-A., Schmid, P. J., & Taira, K. (2022), JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 944.
Wing sweep effects on laminar separated flows
Ribeiro, J. H. M., Yeh, C.-A., Zhang, K., & Taira, K. (2022), JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 950.

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Chi-An Yeh