Chuck Hall

Associate Professor

  • 919-515-5299
  • Engineering Building III (EB3) HB107

Dr. Hall is interested in aircraft design, flight testing, airworthiness, dynamics and control. He directs the undergraduate capstone senior aircraft design courses MAE 478 and MAE 479. The students are given a set of customer requirements and as teams they generate a design, construct their design, ground test and flight test their aircraft.

In these classes and his research, his team has flight tested over 70 UAS-type aircraft.


Ph.D. 1986

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Ohio State University

M.S. 1983


Ohio State University

B.S. 1980


Xavier University

Research Description

Dr. Hall directs the Flight Research Group in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The Flight Research Group is involved primarily with UAS/UAV/RPV aircraft but some programs have involved general aviation and C-130 aircraft. Past projects include 1) studying airworthiness criteria for small UAS's (NAVAIR), 2) enhancement of the aerodynamic database for the full scale F/A-18E based on a 17.5% scaled F/A-18E/F RPV test flights, and 3) flight testing of the use of microjet vortex generators.


Power-required flight testing of unmanned aerial systems using non-steady-state flight
Soltmann, L. M., & Hall, C. E. (2017), Journal of Aircraft, 54(3), 1162-1171.
Development and testing of a passive variable-pitch propeller
Heinzen, S. B., Hall, C. E., & Gopalarathnam, A. (2015), Journal of Aircraft, 52(3), 748-763.
Correlation of population density to designated urban areas
Southwell, J. T., Hall, C. E., & Burke, D. A. (2013), Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, 10(1), 40-46.
system-level airworthiness tool
Burke, D. A., Hall, C. E., & Cook, S. P. (2011), (Journal of Aircraft, 48 3) (pp. 777-785).
Flight test of stable automated cruise flap for an adaptive wing aircraft
Cox, C., Gopalarathnam, A., & Hall, C. E. (2010), Journal of Aircraft, 47(4), 1178-1188.
Development of stable automated cruise flap for an aircraft with adaptive wing
Cox, C., Gopalarathnam, A., & Hall, C. E. (2009), (Journal of Aircraft, 46 1) (pp. 301-311).

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Aerial Robotics Club Competition
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/30/17 - 4/30/18)
NASA Student Launch Initiative Competition - $5,000 (Team)
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/15/16 - 6/15/17)
Senior Design to support NASA Student Launch Initiative - $3,000 (Design)
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/15/16 - 11/15/17)
AUVSI Student UAS Competition - $5,000 (Team)
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/15/16 - 7/15/17)
NC Space Grant Team Competition & Senior Design Project FY 2015-2016
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/01/15 - 6/01/16)
Risk Based Airworthiness Certification Workshop
MITRE Corporation(9/01/15 - 11/30/15)
NC Space Grant Team Competition FY 2014-2015
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(11/01/14 - 6/30/15)
Aerial Robotics Club
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(1/01/14 - 9/30/14)
Development of Small-Scale Aerospace Vehicles
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(10/01/12 - 6/30/13)
Subscale Flying Wing With Bias Momentum Attitude Stiffening
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)(10/06/08 - 12/31/12)