Chih-Hao Chang

Associate Professor

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  • Engineering Building III (EB3) 3240
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Dr. Chang is interested in multifunctional nanostructured materials and nanomanufacturing.

I arrived at NC State in the fall of 2011 and plan on teaching such undergraduate classes as MAE 435 Principles of Automatic Control and MAE 314 Mechanics of Materials. At the graduate level I am considering a number of new courses, possibly one that addresses recent advances in optical engineering and one concerning recent developments in nano-manufacturing.

The graduate students working under my direction are motivated, and tend to have a strong background in physics. I am open to ideas that come from students – the intent is to maintain an energetic and creative environment to foster the advancements. The area of research is exciting, in part, because it brings in nanotechnology as a way to address the critical problems in solar energy, recognizing that important barriers exist at these small-scales – the same scales as the optical wave lengths that we are harvesting. This is one of the important areas where engineering and energy need to be focused!

Outside of work, I enjoy jogging, basketball, and fishing.


Ph.D. 2008

Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

M.S. 2004

Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S. 2002

Mechanical Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Description

My long term goal is to integrate concentrating solar systems into components that operate at the nano, micro, and macro scales. Presently, I am 1) developing nano-structural glass that has anti-glare, transmission enhanced, self-cleaning, and anti-fogging properties, 2) 3D nano-lithography that uses self-assembled nano-particles, and 3) nano-structured diffractive optics to reduce reflection losses. In MAE, I collaborate with Dr. Zhu and Dr. O'Connor.


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Large-scale fabrication of multifunctional crystalline cellular materials
NCSU NC Space Grant Consortium(9/01/18 - 10/01/19)
Plasma Processing of Sapphire Nanostructures for Low-Loss Multilayer Composites
US Army - Army Research Office(10/09/17 - 7/08/18)
Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets for advanced nanoscale electronics and radiation shielding
University Global Partnership Network (UGPN)(8/01/16 - 7/31/17)
Enhancing Optical Transmission of Multilayer Composites with Interfacial Nanostructures
US Army - Army Research Office(5/20/16 - 2/19/17)
CAREER: Three-Dimensional Nanolithography with Inexpensive Hardware
National Science Foundation (NSF)(6/01/16 - 5/31/21)
Surface and Domain Nano-Engineering of Relaxor Single Crystal for Acoustic Sensors
US Dept. of Defense (DOD)(6/01/15 - 8/31/18)
Tunable Nanostructures with Dynamic Optical Properties
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)(4/06/15 - 4/05/18)
Electromagnetic (EM) Properties of Ultra-Low Density 3D Shell-Like Materials
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)(9/09/14 - 9/08/15)
Probing the Nanomechanics of Engineered Three-Dimensional Nanostructures
NCSU Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund(7/01/14 - 6/30/15)
Integrating Three-Dimensional Nanoporous Medium in Microfluidic Devices for Synthetic Biological Systems
Oak Ridge Associated Universities(6/01/13 - 5/31/14)