Brendan O'Connor


Dr. O’Connor is interested in fabrication, characterization, and modeling of organic electronic devices. Organic semiconductors have enormous potential to transform how we interact with electronics, with wide-ranging application opportunities including low-cost solar power, biocompatible electronics, and ubiquitous integration of electronics into our surroundings (the internet of things). Current research interests in Dr. O’Connor’s group include the development of robust flexible and stretchable devices, producing devices with unique capabilities, and establishing scalable processing methods. Devices of interest include solar cells, photodetectors, transistors, and thermoelectrics.

Dr. O’Connor teaches MAE 589 Direct Energy Conversion, MAE 421 Solar Energy, MAE 412 Design of Thermal Systems, MAE 310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals, and MAE 301 Thermodynamics 1.


Exceptional Alignment in a Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymer via a Previously Unobserved Liquid Crystal Mesophase
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Flexible Self-Powered Organic Photodetector with High Detectivity for Continuous On-Plant Sensing
Schrickx, H. M., Gyurek, S., Moore, C., Hernandez-Pagan, E., Doherty, C. J., Kudenov, M. W., & Brendan T. O'Connor. (2024, February 8), ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, Vol. 2.
All Electrohydrodynamic Printed Flexible Organic Thin Film Transistors
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Emergent molecular traits of lettuce and tomato grown under wavelength-selective solar cells
Charles, M., Edwards, B., Ravishankar, E., Calero, J., Henry, R., Rech, J., … Sederoff, H. (2023), FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 14.
Molecular interactions that drive morphological and mechanical stabilities in organic solar cells
Siddika, S., Peng, Z., Balar, N., Dong, X., Zhong, X., You, W., … OConnor, B. T. (2023), JOULE, 7(7), 1593–1608.
Rubber-Toughened Organic Solar Cells: Miscibility-Morphology-Performance Relations
Al Shafe, A., Schrickx, H. M., Ding, K., Ade, H., & Brendan T. O'Connor. (2023, August 8), ACS ENERGY LETTERS, Vol. 8.
Strategic Incorporation of Cleavable Side Chains Improves Thermal Stability of PffBT-T4-Based Polymer Solar Cells
Shanahan, J., Oh, J., Son, S. Y., Siddika, S., Pendleton, D., Brendan T. O'Connor, & You, W. (2023), CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 35(23), 10139–10149.
Stretchable Organic Transistor Based Pressure Sensor Employing a Porous Elastomer Gate Dielectric
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Cephalopod-inspired snapshot multispectral sensor based on geometric phase lens and stacked organic photodetectors
Altaqui, A., Schrickx, H., Gyurek, S., Sen, P., Escuti, M., Brendan T. O'Connor, & Kudenov, M. (2022), OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 61(7).
Curvilinear soft electronics by micromolding of metal nanowires in capillaries
Liu, Y., Zheng, M., O'Connor, B., Dong, J., & Zhu, Y. (2022), SCIENCE ADVANCES, 8(46).

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  • Solution-processed, Flexible, Semitransparent Opv Modules For Greenhouses: Benchmarking And Characterization
  • TOSCA Thrust II: Predicting Long-Term Stability for Organic Solar Cells through Physical Properties of Photovoltaic Materials
  • Polymer Semiconductor Focal Volume Arrays for Advanced Multidimensional Imaging
  • SNM: Printing and Integration of Metal Nanowires and Organic Semiconductors for Large-Area Stretchable Electronics and Sensors
  • INFEWS/T3: Solar-Powered Integrated Greenhouse (SPRING) Systems Using Wavelength Selective Photovoltaics for Complete Solar Utilization
  • CAREER: Mechanical Behavior of Flexible Electronic Films (CAREER: Fundamental Determinants for Mechanically Robust Organic Electronics)
  • A New Detector for Measuring Polarized Light: Modeling, Characterization and Testing for Significantly Improved Imaging Capabilities (Intrinsic Coincident Polymer Semiconductor Based Polarimeter)
  • Mechanical Behavior of Polymer-Fullerene Blends for Photovoltaic Applications
  • Physical Stability and Optimization of Organic Solar Cells for Space Applications
  • Development of High-performance Flexible Transistors Based on Small Molecule-polymer Blends
Brendan O’Connor