Andre Mazzoleni


Dr. Mazzoleni is interested in dynamics, vibrations, solid mechanics, nonlinear systems, astronautics, spacecraft design, biomechanics, power generation, and energy storage.  He is the Director of the Engineering Mechanics and Space Systems Laboratory (EMSSL) at NC State.

At the graduate level, Dr. Mazzoleni teaches Advanced Dynamics I (MAE 511), Advanced Dynamics II (MAE 789), and Space Exploration Systems (MAE 589 ). The advanced dynamics courses cover: rotating coordinate systems, Euler angles, Quaternions, three-dimensional kinematics and kinetics, angular momentum methods and analytical mechanics topics (e.g. Lagrange’s equations, Liapunov Stability). Examples are concentrated in the area of aerospace vehicles, but the methods learned will be applicable to land-based vehicles and any engineering system undergoing rigid body rotation, e.g. wind turbines, biomechanical systems, machine tools, robotic systems, etc. The Space Exploration Systems course covers basic orbital mechanics topics, as well as giving an introduction to all of the major systems involved with sending humans and robotic vehicles into space (e.g. propulsion systems, attitude controls systems, life support systems, etc.).  At the undergraduate level, Dr. Mazzoleni teaches the Space option of Aerospace Senior Design (MAE 478 and MAE 479), Introduction to Space Flight (MAE 467), and also teaches introductory courses in Engineering Mechanics (Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, etc.). Dr. Mazzoleni works closely with his graduate students, and starting from first principles, he instills in them an understanding of a practical problem-solving approach. His students are motivated and interested in dynamics, space exploration, energy generation, or biomedical engineering. Outside of work, Dr. Mazzoleni spends time with his family and enjoys hiking, fishing, basketball, and playing the piano.


Pareto Optimal and Dual-Objective Geometric and Structural Design of an Underwater Kite for Closed-Loop Flight Performance
Naik, K., Beknalkar, S., Reed, J., Mazzoleni, A., Fathy, H., & Vermillion, C. (2023), JOURNAL OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 145(1).
Autonomous Closed-Loop Experimental Characterization and Dynamic Model Validation of a Scaled Underwater Kite
Abney, A., Reed, J., Naik, K., Bryant, S., Herbert, D., Leonard, Z., … Vermillion, C. (2022), JOURNAL OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, 144(7).
Finite element study of the impact of pedicle screw density on the biomechanical response of a Lenke 1AN scoliotic curve
Warren, J. M., Hey, L. A., & Mazzoleni, A. P. (2022), JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS, 32, 92–97.
Aerodynamic Tethered Sails for Scientific Balloon Trajectory Control: Small-Scale Experimental Demonstration
Yoder, C. D., Agrawal, S., Motes, A. G., & Mazzoleni, A. P. (2021), JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, 58(5), 1010–1021.
Modeling and experimental investigation of the dynamics of a spherical Transforming Roving Rolling Explorer (TRREx) prototype
Parsons, J. R., & Mazzoleni, A. P. (2021), ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, 181, 92–111.
Modeling, simulation, and equilibrium analysis of tethered coaxial dual-rotor ocean current turbines
Metoyer, R., Chatterjee, P., Elfering, K., Bryant, M., Granlund, K., & Mazzoleni, A. (2021), ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT, 243.
Development and Validation of a Computationally Efficient Finite Element Model of the Human Lumbar Spine: Application to Disc Degeneration
Warren, J. M., Mazzoleni, A. P., & Hey, L. A. (2020), INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPINE SURGERY, 14(4), 502–510.
Mathematical modeling and parametric study of a planar Tumbleweed rover demonstrator
Sardeshmukh, P. A., Yoder, C. D., Talaski, D. J., & Mazzoleni, A. P. (2020), ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, 177, 48–57.
Aerodynamic Sails for Passive Guidance of High-Altitude Balloons: Static-Stability and Equilibrium Performance
Waghela, R., Yoder, C. D., Gopalarathnam, A., & Mazzoleni, A. P. (2019), JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, 56(5), 1849–1857.
Dual-Actuator Disc Theory for Turbines in Yaw
Khatri, D. N., Chatterjee, P., Metoyer, R., Mazzoleni, A. P., Bryant, M., & Granlund, K. O. (2019), AIAA JOURNAL, 57(5), 2204–2208.

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  • MAARCO – Multi-terrain Amphibious ARCtic ExplOrer
  • Device Design and Robust Periodic Motion Control of an Ocean Kite System for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting
  • NC Space Grant Team Competition Proposal for High-Powered Rocketry Club
  • NC Space Grant Senior Design Proposal for High-Powered Rocketry Club
  • NASA competition-RASC-AL Special Edition: Mars Ice Drill Challenge
  • NC State University-NC Space Grant Base Program
  • Design and Development of Mars Exploration Strategies for Extreme Environments
  • Development of Transforming Interplanetary Rover Prototypes
  • Enabling All-Access Mobility for Planetary Exploration Vehicles via Transformative Reconfiguration
  • Design and Testing of a Lunar Penetrator
Andre Mazzoleni