Andrew Lee

Assistant Professor

Dr. Andrew Lee’s research focuses on leveraging the actuation and sensing capabilities of active materials to develop deployable and reconfigurable structures which are multifunctional. The aim is to design structural systems and architectures that can adapt to dynamic environments through self-shaping and monitoring. He is particularly interested in lightweight space structures, thin-ply composite materials, dynamical and vibrational systems, and elastic instabilities. 

Dr. Lee received his B.S.E., M.S.E., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan. Prior to joining NC State, he was a postdoctoral scholar in the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at the California Institute of Technology. Previously he was also a mechanical engineer at Raytheon Technologies.  



Bistable Deployable Composite Booms With Parabolic Cross-Sections
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Mass efficiency of strip-based coilable space structures
Non-Nuclear Exploration of the Solar System Study
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Cable-Stayed Architectures for Large Deployable Spacecraft
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Suppression of Cross-Well Oscillations for Bistable Composites Through Potential Well Elimination
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Bistability in collapsible tubular mast booms
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Broadband energy harvesting performance of a piezoelectrically generated bistable laminate
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Electromechanical modelling of a bistable plate with Macro Fiber Composites under nonlinear vibrations
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Extension of cross-well bandwidths for a bistable oscillator
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Inducing bistability in Collapsible Tubular Mast booms with thin-ply composite shells
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Andrew Lee