Arun Kumar Kota

Associate Professor


Color morphing surfaces with effective chemical shielding
Rather, A. M., Vallabhuneni, S., Pyrch, A. J., Barrubeeah, M., Pillai, S., Taassob, A., … Kota, A. K. (2024), NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 15(1).
On-Demand, Contact-Less and Loss-Less Droplet Manipulation via Contact Electrification
Wang, W., Vahabi, H., Taassob, A., Pillai, S., & Kota, A. K. (2024, January 17), ADVANCED SCIENCE.
Eu3+ Complex-Based Superhydrophobic Fluorescence Sensor for Cr(VI) Detection in Water
Ding, W., Vallabhuneni, S., Liu, J., Wang, X., Zhao, Y., Wang, Y., … Tang, J. (2023), NANOMATERIALS, 13(18).
Hemp-Based Sustainable Slippery Surfaces: Icephobic and Antithrombotic Properties
Sutherland, D. J., Rather, A. M., Sabino, R. M., Vallabhuneni, S., Wang, W., Popat, K. C., & Kota, A. K. (2023, February 2), ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, Vol. 11.
Interaction of Blood and Bacteria with Slippery Hydrophilic Surfaces
Kantam, P., Manivasagam, V. K., Jammu, T. K., Sabino, R. M., Vallabhuneni, S., Kim, Y. J., … Popat, K. C. (2023, October 15), ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES.
Oil-Water Separation using Synthetic Trees
Eyegheleme, N. L., Umashankar, V., Miller, D. N., Kota, A. K., & Boreyko, J. B. (2023), LANGMUIR, 39(7), 2520–2528.
Rapid and Onsite Detection of Fuel Adulteration
Movafaghi, S., Vallabhuneni, S., Wang, W., Jathar, S., & Kota, A. K. (2023, June 16), LANGMUIR.
Designing non-textured, all-solid, slippery hydrophilic surfaces
Vahabi, H., Vallabhuneni, S., Hedayati, M., Wang, W., Krapf, D., Kipper, M. J., … Kota, A. K. (2022), MATTER, 5(12), 4502–4512.
On-demand, remote and lossless manipulation of biofluid droplets
Wang, W., Sun, J., Vallabhuneni, S., Pawlowski, B., Vahabi, H., Nellenbach, K., … Kota, A. K. (2022), Materials Horizons, 9(11), 2863–2871.
Design and application of a self-pumping microfluidic staggered herringbone mixer
Channon, R. B., Menger, R. F., Wang, W., Carrao, D. B., Vallabhuneni, S., Kota, A. K., & Henry, C. S. (2021), MICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS, 25(4).

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  • Understanding the Influence of Molecular Ordering on Wetting Resistance
  • Flexible Anti-Thrombotic LVADs
  • CAREER: Towards A Paradigm of Sustainable Liquid Repellent Surfaces
  • Superhydrophobic Heart Valve Prosthesis
  • Understanding the Influence of Contact Angle Hysteresis on Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Single Phase Flow
  • Superhydrophobic Heart Valve Prosthesis
Arun Kumar Kota