Arun Kumar Kota

Associate Professor


On-demand, remote and lossless manipulation of biofluid droplets
Wang, W., Sun, J., Vallabhuneni, S., Pawlowski, B., Vahabi, H., Nellenbach, K., … Kota, A. K. (2022, September 7), MATERIALS HORIZONS.
Design and application of a self-pumping microfluidic staggered herringbone mixer
Channon, R. B., Menger, R. F., Wang, W., Carrao, D. B., Vallabhuneni, S., Kota, A. K., & Henry, C. S. (2021), MICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS, 25(4).
Droplet Evaporation Dynamics of Low Surface Tension Fluids Using the Steady Method
Gunay, A. A., Gnadt, M., Sett, S., Vahabi, H., Kota, A. K., & Miljkovic, N. (2020), LANGMUIR, 36(46), 13860–13871.
Dropwise condensation on solid hydrophilic surfaces
Cha, H., Vahabi, H., Wu, A., Chavan, S., Kim, M.-K., Sett, S., … Miljkovic, N. (2020), SCIENCE ADVANCES, 6(2).
Elucidating the Trade-off between Membrane Wetting Resistance and Water Vapor Flux in Membrane Distillation
Li, C., Li, X., Du, X., Zhang, Y., Wang, W., Tong, T., … Lee, J. (2020), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 54(16), 10333–10341.
Impact of superhydrophobicity on the fluid dynamics of a bileaflet mechanical heart valve
Hatoum, H., Vallabhuneni, S., Kota, A. K., Bark, D. L., Popat, K. C., & Dasi, L. P. (2020), JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS, 110.
Droplet Jumping: Effects of Droplet Size, Surface Structure, Pinning, and Liquid Properties
Yan, X., Zhang, L., Sett, S., Feng, L., Zhao, C., Huang, Z., … Miljkovic, N. (2019), ACS Nano.
Hemocompatibility of super-repellent surfaces: current and future
Movafaghi, S., Wang, W., Bark, D. L., Dasi, L. P., Popat, K. C., & Kota, A. K. (2019), Materials Horizons, 6(8), 1596–1610.
Interaction of blood plasma proteins with superhemophobic titania nanotube surfaces
Sabino, R. M., Kauk, K., Movafaghi, S., Kota, A., & Popat, K. C. (2019), Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 21, 102046.
Superomniphobic Papers for On‐Paper pH Sensors
Movafaghi, S., Cackovic, M. D., Wang, W., Vahabi, H., Pendurthi, A., Henry, C. S., & Kota, A. K. (2019), Advanced Materials Interfaces, 6(13), 1900232.

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  • Understanding the Influence of Molecular Ordering on Wetting Resistance
  • Flexible Anti-thrombotic LVADs
  • Superhydrophobic Heart Valve Prosthesis
  • CAREER: Towards A Paradigm of Sustainable Liquid Repellent Surfaces
  • Understanding the Influence of Contact Angle Hysteresis on Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Single Phase Flow
  • Superhydrophobic Heart Valve Prosthesis
Arun Kumar Kota