MAE Sponsored Research Administration

Pre-Award Information

Proposal Processing Timeline (8 day/4 day rule) – Please note COE requires the PINS record to be routed by noon 8 business days before the proposal deadline and the final proposal released and ready for submission 4 business days before the deadline.  

Thus, it is important to initiate an action in PINS well in advance.  Additional time is required if you are working with a funding agency that has unique terms and conditions associated with the proposal, in which case these terms should be provided to the pre-award person so that they can make sure that review of the terms and conditions is initiated in parallel with proposal preparation. Additional time may also be required if the sponsor has not previously had a contract with NC State.  

In order to meet the COE 8 day/4 day rule, please notify your Contract Manager (Elizabeth, CJ, or Savanah) of your new proposal at least 12 business days before the deadline. We know in certain cases, this may not be possible, but to allow us time to review and set up a PINS record in order to meet the COE 8 day/4 day rule, this time is needed. 

Post Award Information

Meet the Team

Mrs. Elizabeth Walker, Senior Contracts and Grants Manager

The point of contact on financial actions concerning unfunded and funded contracts and grants (Pre and Post Awards) except when concerning graduate student support and when initiating bookkeeping functions.

Clay (CJ) Gosnell, Contracts and Grants Manager

Savanah Alberts, Contract & Grants Manager

Ms. Tina Sattler, Bookkeeper

The point of contact for purchase requests, travel authorization, and personal reimbursements.

Jessica Sudduth, Admin Support Specialist

The point of contact for temporary (biweekly) employees

Contact Us:

Contracts and Grants Offices: 3117 & 3111

Contracts and Grants Email:

Graduate Office 3113: The point of contact on financial actions concerning graduate student support.

Office Hours
The C&G office deals with processing of a large amount of paperwork everyday. Therefore, correspondence by email is recommended when appropriate. Visiting the office is also welcome between business hours of 8-4pm.