MAE Contracts and Grants

Seeking Office Assistance

Ms. Elizabeth Baker C&G Manager EBIII 3117
Mrs. Tina Chen C&G Manager EBIII 3119

Who should I contact?
Ms. Baker or Mrs. Chen (C&G Managers): The points of contact on financial actions concerning unfunded and funded contracts and grants (Pre and Post Awards) except when concerning graduate student support and when initiating bookkeeping functions.

Graduate Office 3113: The point of contact on financial actions concerning graduate student support.

Ms. Toni Rand (Bookkeeper):
The point of contact for purchase requests, travel authorization, and personal reimbursements.

Mrs. Gail Gaston (Admin. Support Specialist):
The point of contact for temporary (biweekly) employees

Office hours

The C&G office deals with processing of a large amount of paperwork everyday. Therefore, correspondence by email is recommended when appropriate. Visiting the office is also welcome between business hours of 8-4pm.