COI Disclosure

PHS / NIH Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Requirements Update

If you have received or applied for funding from a Public Health Service (PHS) agency such as one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), you will have some additional responsibilities for training and disclosure of additional financial information. Details on new requirements are listed here:

  1. PHS has implemented a variety of lower financial thresholds requiring disclosure.
  2. The new PHS policy requires you to disclose much more personal financial information, some of which may or may not seem directly related to your primary and secondary duties as an employee of NC State University. Furthermore, the new rule moves the primary responsibility of determining if an FCOI is significant and if it requires a management plan from the affected individual to the department head and associate dean.
  3. The NC State University Conflicts of Interest reporting system has been updated to ask questions germane to the new PHS policy.
  4. PHS-­‐funded faculty must complete required training in financial conflicts of interest. NC State has adopted the PHS training without modification and you should immediately (prior to September 1, 2012) take the PHS training at the following url:
  5. The National Institutes of Health has developed and is maintaining a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions available at:

(a) NOTE: Any reference in the above tutorial to institutional policies or procedures that are stricter than the minimum PHS requirements should be ignored. We have not added any additional burden to the PHS requirement.

(b) ACTION: Upon completion of the above training, you will be presented with a certificate. Fill in your name and date, save the PDF file to your computer and e-­‐mail it to: Jill Dale

(c) NOTE: Upon receipt of your training certificate, we will ensure that your PHS-­‐funding will remain eligible for expenditures pursuant to the PHS policy.