Campaign for MAE West

Graduate Innovation Center (GIC) & Undergraduate Design Laboratories (UDL) Project:

The MAE Department along with the NC State Engineering Foundation is looking to make a major investment in both the undergraduate and graduate student experience for the future. In order to support our growing student population, we are hoping to create the MAE Graduate Innovation Center (GIC) to be housed in what is currently known as “MAE West”.

This revitalization will enable us to expand the MAE Undergraduate Design Laboratories (UDL) within Engineering Building III (EB3) on Centennial Campus. Both BAJA and Formaula SAE of Wolfpack Motorsports will return to Centennial Campus where they will have more access to undergraduate facilities. This expansion will also give space to student organizations including SolarPack, High Powered Rocketry (Tacho Lycos), and the Aerial Robotics Club (ARC).

Our Challenge:

Faced with a growing student population, the demand for space in Engineering Building III (EBIII) is at an all-time high. In order to foster cutting edge research, our students need access to the best lab space on Centennial Campus. Our solution to this challenge is just in sight. MAE has a unique lab located off campus near the fairgrounds. Currently named MAE West, the building was built to enhance the department’s infrastructure when we were located in Broughton Hall on Main Campus. MAE West has fantastic potential but is dated and in need of improvements to appropriately accommodate our high-level faculty and student research. We need your help to make these improvements. “Help us reach our $1M goal and support our faculty and students with top facilities that enable them to push the engineering envelope with their research.” – Dr. Srinath Ekkad, MAE Department Head

“Help us reach our $1M goal and support our faculty and students with top facilities that enable them to push the engineering envelope with their research.”

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Help us reach our goal of $1 Million, and create an everlasting impact.

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Donations help the MAE department evolve and keep pace with the latest technology, while giving our students the skills, global awareness and sense of responsibility they need to make a difference in the world. Consider supporting the department today.

Our Vision:

Empower Top Faculty

Dr. Rabiei

Support the Future

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Enhance Student Experiences

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The Future Space:

The future lab space is located on the west side of campus called MAE West. The facility has 6600 sqft of lab space, 850 sqft of office space and a 500 sqft conference room. In addition, the department has 3 barn type buildings adjacent to the main building with 1500 sqft of space each. The new center will include test cells for combustion, high speed aerodynamics, heat transfer, and advanced manufacturing. The laboratory will provide access to compressed flow with fuel lines to each cell, upgraded internet access, laser safe testing space, and a machine shop for graduate students. The new building will also include upgraded supersonic and low speed wind tunnels.


Stay tuned for upcoming tours and events where you can see the impact you are having on our current and future students.