Energy Solutions provides just that–Solutions! The Energy Solutions team is a group of premier energy experts from North Carolina State University who lend guidance and apply proven methods to maximize the use of one of our most finite resources–Energy!

Energy Solutions provides:

  • On-site evaluations of your energy consumption performed by fuel-neutral energy experts lending objectivity and a non-biased review of your energy use.
  • A holistic, detailed review of each of your energy systems and how they interact, identifying energy saving opportunities as well as efficiency improvements.
  • A comprehensive report from which decisions on conservation or investment potential may be accurately and objectively assessed
  • Educational workshops on a wide range of energy topics, including HVAC, lighting, compressed air, steam and hot water boilers, renewables, fuels and related emissions, etc. All educational opportunities can be tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you elect a comprehensive review of your energy or a more long-term annual contract– Energy Solutions delivers expert advice on all things energy, leading you to save energy, reduce costs and increase profits!

As the state’s Industrial Assessment Center, the team is adept at analyzing and recommending energy efficiency and conservation measures for qualifying manufacturers.