Industrial Assessment Center


The North Carolina State University Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) is one of 24 centers supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at universities across the country.

The NC State University IAC has been a regional resource for programs, conducting plant assessments at no cost to eligible small- and mid-sized manufacturers since 1992.

Assessments are performed by a team consisting of a NC State University faculty member and upper-level undergraduate and graduate engineering students.

During a site visit, faculty and students identify energy saving opportunities and take measurements to quantify the potential energy saved.

With the guidance of their professors, students then generate a confidential report identifying opportunities to save energy, reduce waste, and improve productivity.

Over the last 25 years, the NC State IAC has:

  • Served more than 600 manufacturers
  • Identified $80 million in energy efficiency and conservation recommendations
  • Educated over 100 students in the skills required to become an energy efficiency specialist while providing hands-on opportunities and experience within industry.

These impacts help strengthen manufacturers, building upon the stability and health of the nation’s economy. On average, IAC implemented recommendations ultimately save the facility more than $55,000 annually. Interested companies should contact:

Dr. Stephen Terry
Phone: 919-515-1878
Office: 3294 Engineering Building III

For eligibility requirements see below.

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The Assessment Process

A complete IAC assessment consists of the following four steps:

  1. The Pre-Assessment Analysis
    The purpose of this analysis is to collect some preliminary information about the facility and give the IAC team some background data on equipment types, utility bills and usage patterns. This analysis must be completed prior to scheduling an assessment date.
  2. The Site Visit:
    The IAC team will conduct a one-day assessment to study the manufacturing processes, to make energy, material waste and productivity-related measurements using diagnostic equipment.
  3. The Report:
    Within 60 days of the assessment, the IAC team will submit a confidential report to the plant manager detailing the team’s analysis and money-saving recommendations, along with estimates of related costs, performance, and payback periods.
  4. The Follow-Up:
    In twelve months after the assessment, the IAC team will contact the plant manager to determine which recommended measures have been or will be implemented. Implementation rates typically average between 30 to 40 percent.


In order to qualify for an IAC assessment, a manufacturing plant must be categorized in Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes 20-39 and meet three of the four following criteria:

  1. Gross sales below $100 million
  2. Fewer than 500 employees at the plant
  3. Annual utility bills more than $100,000 and less than $2.5 million
  4. No in-house professional staff to perform an assessment