Photo Gallery

Photo taken with ONR PM Mr. William Nickerson (Spring 2019) with the ONR-YIP project poster.

Photo taken with NCSU Chancellor Dr. Randy Woodson (Fall 2018) at the Chancellor’s Residence.

Photo taken with FSU Vice President for Research Dr. Gary K. Ostrander (Fall 2017) while he visited our research lab.

Group photo (Fall 2017) with our awarded DURIP equipment (high temperature furnace to 2500 Celsius degree).

Group picnic (Fall 2017).

Open House Day – demo of 3D printing for K-12 students (Spring 2015).

Photo taken with Previous FSU President Dr. Eric Barron (Spring 2014) at the President’s House.

Experimental setup and testing on the micro- mechanical machining process (Fall 2013) (from Left to Right: Liu, J.; Zhao, R.)

Experimental demonstrate of a two-turret CNC simultaneous turning and boring process (Fall 2012) (from Left to Right: Meanor, M.; Hernandez, M. S.; Deane, E. S.)

Photo taken with Previous SME President Dr. Michael F. Molnar (Summer 2011), receiving the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award.